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My name is Sarah. I am a Glasgow based blogger, telling the tales of my long distance relationship and offering tips, tricks and reviews of beauty products. I first met my partner (Brad) online, therefore it is only right that we share our story online too. I created this blog with the intention to share our struggles, our excitement and all the regular bits in between while we tackle our way through our long distance relationship. Alongside the LDR chat, I will be exploring the world of beauty. I am currently in the process of switching to a cruelty free beauty regime and I am interested in experimenting with independent make-up brands to find the best products on the market (bigger, doesn’t always mean better!) At the moment I am at university studying for a degree in politics and run this blog as a fun way to document my relationship and my interests.

If you want to contact me, you can do so at Sarah.Shields.96@googlemail.com

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