Dream Destinations

I am  travel deprived. There, I’ve said it. I miss long haul plane journey’s, and crappy flight food; the tiny pillows and thin blankets that don’t do much to keep you warm during the freezing cold night leg of your flight. Most of all, I miss the adventure – your first breath of foreign air and lack of direction. It’s not a game that can be played in your neighbouring city. It’s the sort of longing that can only be fufilled with your passport. And so, as every longing traveller with a lack of funds does, I have accumulated a list of the places that I would love to visit.

1. California, USA

All I have wanted to do since I was eight years old is watch some bands play at Gilman Street. It is literally my punk rock mecca. For some it is CBGB’s, and for others it is The 100 Club, but for me the entire fundamentals of my interest in punk were garnered in 924 Gilman Street. With that said, if I visited California, I would definitely want to take a little tour from San Francisco, to LA and San Diego

2. Berlin, Germany

In the grand scheme of places I would like to visit Germany is definitely the closest to home, and the only one that I have almost visited. Germany has a fascinating history and that has been a large part of the appeal of the country. Berlin seems to combine this vibrant youthful persona with all of the history of the city. It is everything that a 20 year old would want in a trip abroad.

3. Cambodia


Angkor Wat. Enough said. Cambodia seems like a home to grandious architecture from their glorious Temples to their city buildings in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia is a feast for the eyes… and your instagram page. The country has had a turbulent history which completely contrasts it’s stark beauty. Besides, every time you spoke of your trip you’d be paying ode to Dead Kennedy’s, and that is enough to make it a worthwhile journey in my books.

4. Nicaragua


Admittedly, this is another one influenced by yet another band (yep… Screeching Weasel). When i first heard the song I did’t have a clue what Nicaragua was, or where it was, but after a quick google search I was stunned by it’s beauty. Lakes, volcanos and lengths of beaches sweeping along the coast – everything you need for a relaxing outdoor holiday.

Tell me your dream travel destinations in the comments below!

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Gifts for your Punk Rock Valentine

Valentines Day is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts! But that can be easier said than done. Especially if your partner is a little bit unconventional, and searching the nooks and crannies of ASOS, or your nearest department store just isn’t going to cut it. In order to find your love a gift as pure and unusual as they are, it’s time to embrace some punk rock ethos and shop small. Stick it to the capitalistic vultures that are targeting you with their cupids bow to make pennies fall out of your pockets! By doing so, you can pick up some truely unique, one of a kind pieces.


Be Mine/I’m Yours Planchette by Enchanted Rumours


Lock and Key Patches from Halfstitchembroidery


Human Tooth Bracelet from Bloody Woods


Coffin Nail Necklace by Openthecellardoor


Rose Gold Bee Septum Ring by DinanRings


Baphomet Art by CanisOvis


Travesty in a Tea Cup by TinPlatesStudios


Bat Cosmetics Bag by FiMachine


Victorian Vampire Hunting Kit by MyLittleGargoyle


Skull Shaving Brush by GothChicAccessories

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Villiantines Day Cards 2017

It seems like it was just yesterday that I done my 2016 villiantines card blog post! This year has flown by! I really enjoyed making this post last year, so I decided to bring it back! After all, I’d be scrolling through pages of Etsy looking at horror themed valentines cards whether I made this post or not. Brad and I haven’t always celebrated this holiday, but since we decided to this year, I thought it would be best not to feed into the capitalistic nature of valentines day. Instead I am buying from small businesses and supporting artists. So instead of stopping at the Card Factory for your card this year, why not consider one of these horror themed cards for your ghoul?



The Shining by RatBeef

Lobster Boy The Thing and Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Ghoulhish


Cthulhu by FourLetterWordCard


Yoda by DoodleDotDorset


Lord of the Rings by CatherineDoArt

Hocus Pocus, The Exorcist and The Conjuring by Final Girls

Going Home after visiting your Long Distance Partner


The one question I am always asked by people that are new to long distance relationships is “how do I feel better when we leave each other?” That in itself is a difficult question to answer. I’m not even convinced that I can answer it, but I want to try to impart some advice.

I am at a point in my relationship that leaving is okay. It’s not the best feeling in the world, but it also doesn’t feel like my world is collapsing around me. However, I have been there. The first time I met Bradley I spent the week crying because I didn’t want him to leave. The second time I met Bradley, I sat alone in the train station crying for two hours before I walked back home. The third time we met, I collapsed on his floor in tears, unable to pack my suitcase before I caught my train. But with each visit it got easier, I was a train wreck for quite a while, I cried at the end of each visit, even after after a year and a half of our relationship. I still do now, sometimes. But it does get easier.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules to help you feel as if your heart is whole once you walk away from your partner at the train station/airport. You can fill up your time any way you want – spend as much time on Skype as you like. But nothing is going to replace the soul crushing feeling of seeing your loved one trapped back inside that same little box that made you fall in love with them in the first place. It’s a weird feeling.  It’s deflating and frustrating, and overall heart breaking, because it is the starkest reality that they are miles away from you, and it will be a long time until you can touch them again.

My best advice to numb the pain of leaving is to have patience. It takes time and many visits to accept that they are gone. It even takes time to accept that your life has to return back to normal without that awesome person being by your side. It sucks, but it’s all just a part of the baggage of a long distance relationship. Before you know it, you’ll be counting down the days before you see each other again.

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Travel Diary: Walking in London

It had been three whole months since Bradley and I last saw each other, so we kick started the year with an overnight stay in London. We go to London fairly often, but only ever for a couple of hours, and always to visit Camden. I have been asking Brad to take me to London to do the touristy bits for years now and finally it happened!

We stayed at the Park Plaza Riverside, which was actually a really good location near Westminster – the Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye were all on our doorstep. So we could “do” a lot of tourist things without actually doing them. We had saw all of these touristy bits just by walking to find our meal for the night. I was starving after my journey down, so we stopped at the first place we saw. It was an Italian called Colosseo. I wasn’t overly impressed. The bread was hard, the pasta was bland, however, the spinach bowl we got was tasty, and the service was great. Definitely not worth the hefty London price tag though. I’d happily stop for some street food in Camden over a bowl of pasta from there any day. Due to the tube strike and our decision to walk to our hotel, we didn’t fit much else into the night, we just picked up some overpriced dessert from Waitrose to accompany our overpriced dinner and headed back to the hotel.

The following morning we had an early start, and stopped at Caffe Italia in Lambeth. This place was super quirky with art adorning their vibrant green walls and seats that had been DIY’ed with magazine cut outs. The cafe accommodates a huge amount of diets including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. The food was super good and affordable. We both had a panini and a drink each, which came to £12 all together. I would definitely pay this place another visit if I was ever back in the area. This filled up our tums and set us up for the day. And off we headed to the Imperial War Museum.

I’ve wanted to visit the Imperial War Museum since I was about 8 or 9 years old (basically since the first time I watched Bullet in a Bible… yes, I am that much of a lame Green Day fan). Now while I enjoy going to museums, I mostly like going to look at things, and take pictures of things, but I’ve left the museum feeling like I had a truly educational experience. I started studying history for the first time two years ago when I started university, I had no prior knowledge in the field, but I was surprised by how much knowledge the museum actually reinforced – and of course there was loads that I didn’t know. My favourite part was Edmund Clarke’s “War on Terror” exhibition. The photography is astounding, and for me it excellently emphasised life as a controlled person in Britain. I also loved the Sectarian Armour. Despite never having experienced the Troubles, I believe it is something that anyone from Glasgow would be able to empathise with. After all, it only takes an Old Firm match to reinforce any Reformation age rivalries in our city. In total, we must have spent about three hours strolling around the museum, there is lots to see and we definitely left feeling enlightened.

Our next stop of the day was The Hunterian Museum to marvel at some medical oddities. The Hunterian seems to be a hot spot for my black-clad friends, and a place I have saw a thousand Instagram pictures of. So I had to experience it for myself. It is a surgical museum, so it is rammed head to toe with anatomical and pathological specimens. Expect foetal skeletons, deformed skulls, surgical videos, and all sorts of dissected animal species. Obviously, neither Brad or I are medical professionals, so this was very much a walk around and look at things sort of museum for us. I think that if you were interested in learning more about the specimens you would be best to organise a tour as there isn’t much in the way of informational reading around the museum. Nevertheless, it was fascinating just to look at the collection. I loved the small dental section which had some antique medical instruments and models of the mouth and teeth. We only spent around an hour here, before stopping for some food at a Cafe Nero, and then scouting out Lush on Oxford Street (Brad is a secret Lush junkie).

Before we knew it we were headed back to Cambridge, and creating a new list of things to do on our next London visit. We pulled off this trip really cheaply. All we had to pay for was our hotel, food, and travel to and from London. We went everywhere by foot which saved us a good bit of money, and both of the museums we went to were free! We probably could have saved ourselves a little bit more money if we had spent some time looking into food places before we went, but alas, our one splurge was on food that I didn’t particularly enjoy. We’ll know for next time.

Have you ever been to London?
Where are your favourite places?
Leave a comment below!

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Make Up I Want to Try in 2017

Needless to say, the world of make-up is unpredictable and new beauty companies are bound to unearth themselves throughout the year. However, with that said, there are a few beauty gems from 2016 that I’m still curious to try! As always, all of the brands that I will mention are cruelty free.

Black Moon Cosmetics

Black Moon Cosmetics are not a new brand to me, however they launched some amazing new shades at the rear end of 2016 alongside their new formula! The shade that I most want to try is Mourning, it is a beautiful cool toned nude that I need in my make up bag! Above that, the new formula is supposedly better than it was before (and I already thought that the product was great!)

Cryptic Cosmetics


I’ve yet to try any Cryptic Cosmetic products, but their shades do look fantastic! Their Gore Couture collection has already sold out, however their Till Death Do Us Part range is still available. It is influenced by the various tones of roses as they wither and die. It is a truly beautiful collection.


Hydra Veil

Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil primer has been a long term desire of mine, and it will probably keep reappearing in my lists until I finally try it. It’s formulated to work alongside the skin base foundation which I swear by, and it is created for dry skin. What more could I be looking for!?

Kat Von D

Image result for kat von d plum quad

Kat Von D’s plum quad is my ideal travel palette. It’s no secrete that I am constantly hopping on trains to and from Cambridge, and every time I find myself lugging an eye shadow palette that is double the size of my make-up bag along with me just for a specific couple of shades. Owning this would make my travel bag so much lighter!

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JAWT Pack Walk at Drumpellier Country Park (Photo Set)

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I first discovered the selfie in my early teens (I was a shallow child, what can I say?) However I quickly learned to turn the lens around and focus on the things around me. I even spent two years studying photography in high school, although I dropped out in my second year, feeling totally uninspired. It’s taken me a while to pick my camera back up and feel happy with the outcome, but this was one of those days. So I wanted to share my photos of the cuddly puppies of JAWT with you.

American Akita, JAWT, pack walk, drumpellier park

American akita, JAWT, Japanese Akita Welfare Trust, Drumpellier park

German shepherd, puppy, drumpellier park, dog walk

American akita, JAWT, japanese akita welfare trust, dog walk, drumpellier park, pack walk

American akita, JAWT, Japanese Akita Welfare Trust,drumpellier park, dog walk, pack walk

American akita, JAWT, japanese akita welfare trust, dog walk, pack walk, drumpellier park

American akita, cuddles, JAWT, pack walk, japanese akita welfare trust, drumpellier park

American akita, JAWT, dog walk, pack walk, japanese akita welfare trust, drumpellier park

All dogs featured have been rescued from The Japanese Akita Welfare Trust

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