NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation reviewAfter a few years of being an Illamasqua loyal I decided to change it up and try something new. I have really dry skin so as much as I liked the Skin Base foundation, it just wasn’t doing anything to hydrate my face. This lead me on a hunt to find something that would do just that! I had heard good things about NARS foundation and it was first on every ‘best foundation for dry skin’ list that I had looked at. So I figured it was a good place to start.

I popped into House of Frasers to get colour matched and I was honestly a little underwhelmed by the service. It felt very rushed, and it wasn’t even a busy Saturday – I visited midweek and the store wasn’t even busy. I also wasn’t keen on the MUA applying the foundation to my neck with their hands, perhaps that is me nitpicking, but I would much rather they just used a brush so that the process felt clean. It seemed very unprofessional to me.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation swatch Review

On to the product itself. It is in a very nice glass bottle, it’s quite heavy and feels very sturdy so you wouldn’t need to worry about smashing the bottle at all. This is inside of a classic NARS black box. The main problem I have with the packaging is that it doesn’t come with a pump, and you are charged to buy one. Once the pump is attached you can’t fit the lid of the bottle back on to the product either. It feels a bit wasteful to me because I now have a spare lid floating around “just in case.”

The formula is amazing. It makes up for everything that I didn’t like about the service in the shop or the packaging. When I first swatched the product on my hand I was very aware of how thick it felt, and I was worried that this would mean the product would be cakey and crack, but it is actually the complete opposite. The product feels so silky to apply and it sits on your face beautifully throughout the day. It has a medium/buildable coverage, I don’t usually wear thick foundation, but I definitely do feel like I could build this up for a fuller coverage look and I wouldn’t need to worry about my foundation looking cracked or patchy.

I’ve taken some pictures of the wear. I really put this foundation to the test, by it wearing to work (where we don’t have air conditioning, or windows for that matter). The temperature was boiling on this day and as you can see my foundation lasted pretty well! There isn’t any cracking – it pretty much hasn’t budged (other than where I have rubbed it off). I am certainly impressed by this foundation. The first image was straight after my initial application, and the second is at the end of the day. All that I had used was the foundation itself, and mixed it with my primer and a white mixer No setting spray or powder had been used.

One thing that really needs to be noted as a disadvantage to this product, is that I could not find a perfect colour match. I was between light one and two, so I do add Illamasqua’s white skin base mixer into the foundation. This is a bit disappointing, but it is a common problem that I have. This could have an impact on the overall wear of the foundation, and those that can wear the foundation on its own may have a slightly different experience.

Overall I would definitely recommend NARS sheer glow foundation to anyone with dry skin. I feel like this has changed the game for me. I stuck with illamasqua for so long because I just love the company and the concept that their foundations are made to be customisable sat well with me and my awkward inbetween skin tone. However, it just wasn’t right for my skin. Since switching to NARS I haven’t experienced any new foundation breakouts (I do unfortunately get hormonal acne), and my skin just feels much happier underneath my foundation. So if you are having difficulty finding something for your dry skin, give this a try! It has changed the game for me!

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My Most Psycho Girlfriend Moment…

VALFRE robot girl psycho girlfriend moment

Jealousy is a horrid feeling, and yet I’ve found that while being a in relationship it is one of the easiest road blocks to encounter. In order to write this post, I have to reflect on the most embarrassingly psycho girlfriend thing I have ever done. So please excuse me as I cringe my way through the next few paragraphs. There is a reason that this post has been saved as a draft since around January…

Back when our relationship first began there was this girl that Brad had been speaking to. In his words, he was “helping her through some stuff.” I guess they were pretty close for a while. I realised that when I picked Brad up from the train station and it felt as if he had been texting her for the whole journey home as he had his arm wrapped around me. Things continued like that for a while. They would text and I would do nothing but ignore it because I trust Bradley; despite any menacing thoughts in my mind. Eventually she visited Cambridge and Brad went to meet her. He asked if I was ok with that, and of course I was, I was doing everything in my means not to be weird about it.

But after they met, Brad was acting kind of out of character and didn’t tell me much about their encounter and of course I got curious. The jealousy had pent up inside of me. I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me about, I just didn’t know what. So, like all crazy girls that your mother warned you about, I took it upon myself to log into his facebook account and read their messages. She sent things like “I can’t stop thinking about the other night” and “I wouldn’t want you to break a pretty girls heart” and while Brad’s responses were totally non-incriminating and telling her he wasn’t interested in her romantically. My heart dropped and I couldn’t help but wonder WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON!? I needed to know what happened. In my hysterical state, I messaged Brad demanding he told me what was going on, and he did. After all of the drama and catastrophe that had accumulated in my mind, it turned out that she had basically professed her love for him and he had turned her down…

Neither of us where really in the right with this situation, and I think it was one of those big learning points early on in our relationship. We both had to be open and honest and communicate with each other. But both of us had failed those tests. Brad should have told me what happened that night, and I shouldn’t have acted so crazy and just asked about it.  In a long distance relationship, you can’t see how your partner is interacting with other people, and as I learned first hand, that can drive you mad. I literally still regret how insane I acted. The only thing you can do to try to overcome the feeling of jealousy is to talk to your other half. Your partner is the only person that can tell you how it really is. It is your choice to trust them.

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Kat Von D Launched in Glasgow

A week ago Kat Von D launched her cosmetic line in Debenhams in Glasgow city centre. It arrived just in time to serve as the perfect motivation to get me out of bed and into the uni library to study for my exams the following week. I was out of the house on time to catch the 10 am train (which is the earliest and cheapest train I can get using my railcard… I’m a savvy student) to get my hands on some goodies! And oh boy, the counter does not disappoint.

The counter itself is a gothic dream with beautiful black baroque detailing on everything from the counters to the mirrors, and with shelves created in shapes similar to that of  glass windows found in a cathedral. I’m always very drawn to the stained glass windows of my local Cathedral, so I found myself taken away by this very minute detail of her counter. It is all very beautiful and very Kat Von D.

Kat Von D Nars Beauty Haul Liquid Lipstick Everlasting Lipstick Eye shadow Quad White Out Concealer Sheer Glow Foundation

The counter was incredibly busy when I visited. It was launch day, and within the first few hours of Debenhams opening. But the girls at the counter were incredibly helpful. One even found the time to swatch some lipsticks for me, and show me the eye shadow palettes. I ended up buying the white out and L03 concealer, which on reflection is a bit too dark for me, and I probably should have went for L01, but that can be bought another time. I also picked up a liquid lipstick in the shade Vampira, and the Plum eye shadow palette, which I have been wanting for ages. I was on such a spending hype, that I even went over to House of Frasers to pick up NARS Sheer Glow foundation to try for the first time. I’m pretty pleased with my purchases. I still need to try them all out, but you can be expecting some new blog posts when I do!

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After a weekend of celebrating my papa’s 80th Birthday, I hopped on a train to London to meet Brad for the final day of International Ska Fest. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it down for this visit, but as he was DJ-ing, I knew i’d be gutted if I missed it.  I wasn’t up for doing much dancing as the night hit because I had been up since 7am. But the Last Gang crew had everyone on their feet (and others on the floor doing the splits, literally), so it turned out to be a really nice night just watching people enjoy themselves and to finally be back with Bradley for the first time since January!

last gang in town punk punx London International Ska Festival Islington Assembly Hall 2017 Devil Kicks Dancehall

The visit itself was very brief. We went back to Cambridge for 2 more days following Ska fest, so we didn’t do loads. I stole a load of Bradley’s clothes as it turned out the weather forecast was not accurate, and my sturdy winter coat just wasn’t needed as we had a wander around the shops. We even visited some antique stores where I fantasized about all the clutter I would buy if I had the money. Then for lunch we visited The Garden Kitchen where we both had some veggie goodies and I treated myself to a delicious chocolate and almond cake after admiring their cakes from the window for months now. The only thing that was missing was a dollop of creme on top of the cake to set it off!

Afterwards we had a proper “date night” and went bowling. Bradley won both rounds despite my mighty attempts with the bumpers up. Then we spent a fortune playing arcade games! Brad had his heart set on winning me a Groot toy from the claw machine and £25 later he done just that! Just as our funds had dwindled down to our final pound, lil Groot decided he was coming home with me and i’m cuddling him in bed as I type. You wouldn’t believe our ecstatic reaction as we watched the toy fall from the clutches of the claw machine and into the hole to take him home!

Despite it being a short visit, I had a really nice time. We probably created more memories in those 3 short days than we have done in some of our luxurious week long visits. We were both just so happy to be back together after such a long time apart. Even though we are in a long distance relationship and being separate is something we are used to; Sometimes waiting those extra couple of months makes the visit more exciting.

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5 Feminist Punk Bands to add to your Music Playlist

Everyone wishes they could be as cool as Kathleen Hanna, and yet over twenty years later the punk scene is still awash with angry males who take up too much space. Luckily for us, women are still picking up instruments and making their place in the scene known. So if there is ever a moment you get bored of boys singing about their ex-girlfriends (which, lets be honest, we all are), here are some women viciously shouting about rape culture, the pro-choice movement and all the things that really matter as a woman in the 21st Century.

  1. Petrol Girls
    Petrol Girls Feminist Punk Hardcore
    Petrol Girls are one of my personal favourites at the moment. In the past year or so, they have pulled me back into the realm of feminist punk with their screaming vocals discussing sexual assault and police violence. Plus I’ve always been a sucker for post-hardcore.

    Listen to: Touch Me Again

  2. War on Women
    War on Women Feminist Punk harcore
    War on Women are a band who certainly don’t shy away from womens issues. They open up a very frank and open discussion regarding abortion and access to birth control. The vocals are snarling, the sound is aggressive, but is their hardcore styling that makes this message stark and demanding.

    Listen to : Roe v World

  3. Hands off Gretel
    Hands off Gretel Feminist punk grunge

    I fell into Hands off Gretel from watching a video of Lauren covering the Distillers, and I fell in love with her voice. She channels the likes of Brody Dalle and Courtney Love to create their heavy, grungey sounds.

    Listen to: One Eyed Girl

  4. Youth Man
    Youth Man band punk feminist

    A surprising favourite of BBC Radio who have bagged themselves support slots with the likes of Letlive and Trash talk. Youth Man are getting a name for themselves in the UK scene for their raucous sets and  relenting punk rock noise.

    Listen to: Pigs

  5. Cistem Failure
    Cistem Failure feminist folk punk

    This is something a little bit different from the rest of the list, and they are also the newest (to me) band on my playlist. Cistem Failure are a folk punk band that are redefining gender binaries while living out of their backpacks.

    Listen to: Boot on Your Face

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March Clothes Haul

I’ve decided it’s time to do my first ever clothes haul. This probably wont be something I feature regularly on my blog, after all, I really don’t buy new clothes often. But, in March I did pick up a few pieces that i’m really excited about and that I feel are going to be real wardrobe staples for me. So I just want to share them and give you all a taste of my own personal style.

I fell in love with these tie up jeans from Topshop when I saw them in their stylist posts on facebook. I didn’t realise when I bought them, but these are a petite, so the leg is quite short on me (I’m 5’10”), but I kind of like the awkward length on me. They sit just above my boots so there isn’t any faffing with stuffing them into my boots.

While I was in Topshop, I was struck by this skirt. I honestly only went in for the jeans, but when I saw this I knew it could be a Summer staple for me so I had to go ahead and buy it as well. It is a little bit too short for me and I spent a long time contemplating returning it, but I just love the tie up details on the thigh so I didn’t think I could part with it.

Lastly, is the AMAZING Allegra Killstar bag! I fell in love with this as soon as it went online back at the tail end of last year. I held off hoping that someone would buy me it for Christmas, but it wasn’t to be. But finally it is mine! It’s such a good size to use as an every day bag, and the zip at the bottom actually functions. It’s just too tight to fit a book in, but it would be really handy if you had to carry some documents with you.

Let me know what you thought of this blog post!
As I said, it’s something a little different for me,
so let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Feeling lonely in an LDR

Feeling lonely in a long distance relationship isn’t unusual. I think most of us feel lonely in our relationships at some point or another. However, It’s not always the standard pining over your other half that everyone expects when they hear the statement “long distance relationships aren’t easy.” Of course you miss them, and wish you could spend more time doing absolutely nothing other than hanging out. But feeling lonely is much deeper than that.

It’s quite a harrowing experience, because most of the time you probably don’t recognise it as loneliness. Sometimes it is a festering emptiness that you feel without the other, but other times you simply feel as if you are out of contact. And in turn, this makes you wonder if you are as close to your partner as you were just days ago when you were psychically with them. Of course, you aren’t close in proximity but you feel… disconnected. Which is a really confusing feeling when one day you are with the person you love and happier than ever, and the next you are home and you have hardly spoken to them in 5 days.

You know you aren’t alone – your partner is always at the other end of facebook messenger, so saying you are lonely doesn’t seem like the right word. But in reality, that is exactly how you are feeling. Recognising this is an important step in conquering the feeling. But, the dire truth of the matter is that, of course there will be times that you disconnect from your partner. You are hundreds or thousands of miles apart, and battling with time differences and work schedules that get in the way of contact.  It doesn’t mean that you are less in love with them. It just means that you live miles apart and haven’t had contact in a few days.

It’s easy to doubt yourself. But the only solution to the problem is whether you can handle it. Can you cope with this feeling for another year? Another 5 months?  5 years? If you are feeling lonely right now, you probably don’t know the answer. That’s understandable, I’ve been there. When you don’t have a clear plan for the future it can be difficult to be sure of what you want. But if continuing the distance is what feels right for the moment, continue on, see where your path will take you. Otherwise, it might be time to decide your fate.

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