The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner

The body shop ginger shampoo and conditioner dry flaky scalp

For the past year and a half I have had problems with my scalp flaking up. It was terrible and scaly looking – thank god I have a fringe to hide it, is all I can say. I cycled through all sorts of different dry scalp shampoo’s but I struggled to find one that truly diminished the problems that I was having with my scalp. After a quick google I landed on The Body Shop’s Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s the first thing to appear online and has hundreds of raving reviews. I was dubious to try it – at £9.50 each per bottle it’s hardly cheap, but I was at my wits end with the state that my scalp was in. Luckily Christmas was around the corner, so I sent my dad a picture of the shampoo asking if he’d pick it up as his gift to me and much to my delight that is exactly what I received on Christmas day!

Over a month has now passed and I still get excited about washing my hair so that I can use this product. Not only has this helped to sooth my angry, itchy scalp but it makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. It really is a joy to use! With this said, I wouldn’t expect immediate results with these products. My scalp was in particularly bad condition, and it would react to every possible change of the weather which made my head feel heavy and my roots looked greasy. Overall it probably took about a week or two until I saw my scalp return back to its normal state, but I did notice small differences nearly every time that I used it. There is a slight scent of ginger from the products (as you would expect), but the results are so great that I wouldn’t let this put you off!

The packaging of the product is gorgeous. It’s a green tinted bottle with ginger on the label and a clear but brief description of the product. The design is very minimalist and mimics the sort of reusable glass bottles you’d see in the homes of those interested in zero waste living. The bottles are very clean looking and chic, so they would fit in nicely into anyone’s bathroom, and it definitely appeals (visually at least… it is made of plastic) to the sort of eco-conscious customer that The Body Shop would be seeking to attract.

Overall this isn’t a cheap fix for dry scalp problems, but it has definitely been a worthwhile fix for me. I have saw vast improvements with my scalp feeling hydrated and my hair being sleek and shiny. Since there is less of a build up of dry skin flaking throughout my hair I don’t even feel like I need to wash my hair as frequently. So the £9.50 is a price I would easily be willing to part with for myself if it means I’ll have a healthy happy scalp!

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2019’s Best Villiantines Cards!

Valentines day is fast approaching and I am resurfacing on this blog to once again bring back my Villiantines series! (This is the fourth year in a row that I’ve done this, I think we can consider it a yearly series at this rate, right?) I have a bit of a soft spot for Valentines day and after years of fighting my view that it is a capitalist holiday created by big businesses, against my urge to show love and appreciation for those around me – I kind of gave in. But in line with my anti-corporate views every year I find myself taking to Etsy to find my favourite cards for all my spooks and ghouls out there who love a little dose of Valentines horror. And as always, that is exactly what I am going to share with you!

Greta Gremlin Valentines Card Villiantines

Greta the Gremlin Card by OniricalZubieta

Saw Valentines Card Villiantines YIKERSS

You’re my Ride or Die Card by YIKERSS

Michael Myers Halloween Valentines Card Villiantines

Michael Myers Card by kitschculturecanada

Carrie Valentines Card

I Really Carry About You Card by Somethingofadandy


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Candida Diaries: Was it even Candida?

panties yeast infection chronic illness

It’s been four long years of doctors visits, gynaecology referrals and swabs being taken, but I have finally had my first negative test result back since I was first diagnosed with with chronic yeast infections! Hooray! It feels like it has been a long time coming, and I guess it has. Four years is a long time to spend dragging yourself to and from the doctor hoping that they will finally come up with a miracle solution to your problems. So I’d like to go back and tell you all about my “miracle solution” and how it was a lot simpler than you’d think after four years of consistent diagnoses.

To cut a long story short, and to sum up my previous candida diaries posts I spent four years visiting the doctor complaining about my diagnosed yeast infection. I began to doubt my diagnosis fairly quickly when I realised my prescriptions weren’t doing anything, and so I dug a little deeper and found some “experts” online that claimed that a prolonged bout of candida overgrowth, probably isn’t just a candida overgrowth. But despite this, the doctors I was visiting insisted I just had chronic yeast infections and it quickly became a routine that I’d be prescribed doses of fluconazole at times without question. It was a simple phone call away!

Over the years I had mentioned my doubts about my diagnosis to my doctors and none of them were willing to take me seriously. The suggestion had been disregarded so many times that I was reluctant to even mention it again when I last visited my GP. But I had a moment of intrigue spent scrolling through the internet reading about the symptoms of yeast infections, and I hit me. I had almost none of these symptoms! So I decided to print off everything I had read and take it to the doctor, and much to my surprise she actually listened to me. I initially thought I may have had an infection called trichomoniasis, but she suspected it was more likely to be bacterial vaginosis and prescribed me with the medication to treat it. So I done just as she told me with my medication, and returned to the nurse for more swabs.

After I had started the new medication I noticed a difference in my symptoms fairly quickly. My discharge was no longer yellow and the weird smells were gone (grim, I know). Those were my main symptoms that I acknowledged every day and I was so happy to notice the change. The only symptom that i’m unsure whether it still persists is pain during sex, but I guess time will tell with that one! About a week had passed after my visit to the nurse and she called me to tell me that my swabs were negative, meaning that I had no signs of infection in my vagina! It felt like a weight had suddenly been lifted off of my shoulders. It turned out that my miracle cure was simply meeting a doctor who listened.

Self Care after a Break Up

Polly Nor Demons Self Care Art by Polly Nor 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. While in a relationship, breaking up may seem like the worst possible scenario but it can lead to a whole lot of self growth and new found positivity. You just need to handle yourself the right way and recognise your vulnerabilities in the moment. Don’t get me wrong though, this is so much easier said than done! But in the long run you will be thankful that you rewarded yourself with the time to heal after a breakup rather than punishing yourself when you are down.

It goes without saying that some break ups are easier than others. Sometimes simply breaking up with someone is enough to feel rewarded because you realised that it’s not what you wanted and maybe it wasn’t that serious. In this scenario you’re probably going to be in for an easier ride. You’re already in the mindset of improving your happiness, so just continue riding that wave and do what feels right for you!

At other times, you might feel like your heart has fallen out of your ass, and you are ready to suffer a slow, painful death (Over-dramatic? meh, maybe, but most of us have been there). This to me is when self care is vital, because it can be difficult to recognise the rut that you’ve gotten yourself into. Self care is different for everyone and it can vary in different situations, so it would be difficult to sit down and write an instruction manual on how to pull yourself out of your sadness. But I do think it is important to focus on yourself.

It goes without saying that in order for your self care to be effective, you need to recognise and admit to yourself how you are feeling. Admitting your own denial can be the hardest part, but once you acknowledge it you can start to tackle the issue. This is when your own notion of self care will kick in. It might be eating better meals, or getting yourself out of bed, or having a little pamper day at home. Everyone has different methods of pick-me-up’s, and they will probably vary depending on the situation.

No matter the scenario though, I think it is important to take the time for yourself after a break up. Take the time to heal and to recognise your head space when you are low. There is nothing wrong with focusing extra energy on taking care of yourself. So switch off your phone, stop checking their instagram, pick your tits up off the floor and start to clear your head. It might feel like you are being a little selfish. But some times it is necessary.

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Pretty Girls Like You Should Have Been Snapped Up By Now

Not Ur babe AmbivalentlyYours Image by Ambivalently Yours

Recently I received a message which read “a pretty girl like you should have been snapped up by now.” I think it was supposed to be a compliment, but it felt more like a slap in the face. Within an instant I was stripped of my own bodily autonomy; of free thinking; and the ability to make decisions for myself. It reduced my body to something that can be claimed, while suggesting that I settle for the first man who will take me – as if I am an item in a store waiting for the first person to ‘snap me up’ and take me home. Which isn’t the case at all.

Naturally I’ve never been a dependent person, I don’t fall for people easily and I am pretty content with solitude. So to be told I should have been claimed by now left me a bit gobsmacked. How much of a misogynist does someone need to be to make such a statement? It puts forward the idea that women do not have autonomy over their bodies and that they cannot deny men their body. It’s an archaic idea, that most (if not/hopefully all) of us in today’s society will have dispelled.

The more time you spend single, the more that you hear comments like this which suggest you need a relationship. All those nagging aunts asking about your love life and why you don’t have a boyfriend, your work colleagues asking about your next date, and your parents (or in my case my mum) telling you that you need a ‘friend’. It goes without saying but relationships do not validify your identity. There is absolutely no need to be with someone to tide the time over, and spending time alone is okay. Take the time to relearn your body and mind – how long it takes doesn’t matter.

Fuck anyone who suggests otherwise.

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CYO Foundation Review

I’m still on a drugstore foundation hype, and once CYO dropped into Boots I knew I had to try out their foundation. Unfortunately the first time I stopped into the shop, my shade had completely sold out. A months later I was back on the hunt for a new foundation as I heard NYX’s HD foundation (which I love) was being discontinued, I figured I’d stock up on a couple of those and also give CYO a try. I picked up the lightest shade that they offer, 101.

Ever since I first tried NARS Sheer Glow foundation I’ve realised that dewy foundations sit much better on my face than any matte foundation ever will, so with this in mind I picked up CYO’s Lifeproof Long Lasting Foundation. This is a medium coverage foundation with a very creamy texture, so a little goes a long way. It doesn’t necessarily give the same glow as other foundations which I have recently used as the coverage is slightly fuller, however I was pleasantly surprised by the application. I didn’t expect this to sit well on my skin as my skin is fairly dry but the foundation gave a very even coverage which doesn’t cling to any dry spots.

The packaging is fairly standard for drug store foundation, and you can see the parallels to the designs of the NARS bottle or even Chanel, with the frosted bottom and black lid. The main difference is that this product is plastic which keeps the cost down, but ultimately this is something that the beauty industry needs to reconsider as we are living out a plastic crisis. Cosmetic companies create 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year, which could be created in more environmentally friendly ways. Aesthetically however, it is nothing new but that didn’t stop me from reaching for it.

Throughout the day this product wore really well. I expected it to crack on my skin and show some flakiness, but there was no signs of that at all. My skin remained looking smooth and no redness had started to shine through the base. However the main problem with this product isn’t in the wear or the packaging, but instead is shown by the limited shade range. The range definitely does not cover a broad range of skin tones and those with darker skin may struggle to find a match. Personally, I use their lightest shade and the neutral undertones does my skin tone no favours. I really need a pale shade with pink undertones to complement my skin, otherwise the foundation appears a little orange-y.

Overall, the consistency and the wear of the foundation has taken me by surprise. The formula is rich and creamy, but it isn’t drying on the skin. This means that the formula is great for those with dry skin types who want a slightly fuller coverage. However, the shade range is definitely lacking some diversity and I would suggest that alternative packaging should be considered.

Getting my First Tattoo!

Needless to say I waited a long time for this. There was even a brief period of time when I thought I’d never get any tattoos simply because I never had the patience (or ability) to save money for one. Regardless, I had known since I was a kid that I wanted tattoo’s, I always thought I’d be that gal who hops straight into the tattoo chair the minute I turned 18. Surprisingly I was hesitant and it took me an extra 4 years before I actually convinced myself into booking an appointment after a previous failed attempt.

I guess when I turned 18 the decision became much more real and I was very aware that I was altering my body for life. And for the first time ever my family’s opinions really started to matter. Much like many parents, mine hate tattoos and they would say anything to talk me out of it and they succeeded for a while. Getting a tattoo really wasn’t worth the drama. I’d experienced it before when I first got my nose pierced and my dad didn’t speak to me for a month, or when I first dyed my hair and my mum dragged me to the kitchen sink in an attempt to wash it out. Sure both of those things happened in my early teens but I remember the unrest that it created in my life as if it was fresh. Plus I still live at home and I just didn’t want my life to descend into hell for the unforeseeable future.

I don’t know what changed but I finally had a ‘fuck it’ moment. I had a few artists in mind but they all had closed books and I didn’t want to wait too long in case I regretted my decision and bailed, so I searched through all of the artists I follow on instagram and found Aaron, based in Custom Ink in Glasgow. His work appealed to me because it is feminine without being too dainty. He contrasts really fine beautiful detail with solid black lines which gives his work an edge which I feel works perfectly for me. It didn’t take long before I had paid my deposit and booked in for an appointment. To my surprise my parents didn’t even tell me it was a bad idea or try and talk me out of it.

A month passed and I was in the tattoo seat. When the day hit I was overcome with nerves, I had convinced myself that I was about to lose my leg or I wasn’t going to be able to walk afterwards. But much to my surprise getting a tattoo is nowhere near as painful as either of those things! There was even moments throughout that I couldn’t feel a thing. I was so chuffed when the tattoo was finished, the piece is so different than I had even expected but I love it so much. My mum even offered to pay for my next one after seeing it, I guess she’s a convert!

At the time of writing my tattoo has mostly healed. It seems like I have one small area that was covered with white ink that is healing at a slightly slower rate than the rest of it, but other than some redness it’s unproblematic. I’ve been using Palmers Cocoa Butter throughout healing to keep it moisturised and I’ve loved it as a product, it’s a super thick cream so a little goes a long way. I’ll probably still have plenty left by the time I get tattoo number two!

Tattoo Blackwork spider flower

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