Why this General Election is SO Important…

I have a few friends on facebook who – during the weeks after the election was announced – have declared their intention not to vote, and how they would rather sit around and wait for the “revolution.” But I am here to inform you all, the revolution has already begun and the fascists are winning.
It might not be a revolution that is taking place on the streets, however the Brexit outcome is the biggest change to our constitution perhaps ever.

Now briefly, for those of you who haven‘t yet realized that we do actually have a constitution, let me just go over it. It’s really simple and has one main principle and that is parliamentary sovereignty. (I know, exam has passed, and I don’t need to talk about this anymore… but here I am). Basically parliamentary sovereignty means we have an ‘unlimited’ government who can do whatever they want – they are our highest power. I’m sure that is no surprise to some of you. You all saw the controversy over who has power surrounding the referendum.

However, Brexit produced a result which is taking us out of the EU. This was a result that was largely not wanted by our parliament. It was a decision made by the British people and the government (and our parliament) have decided to push through with it. This introduces popular sovereignty, which is the notion that the people hold all power. You can see how this would be conflicting with the notion of parliamentary sovereignty.

The principle that government are actually pressing ahead with a decision that THEY DID NOT WANT, but was demanded by the people IS REVOLUTIONARY. Perhaps it is one of the benefits of Brexit – the people have been given power. But with the anticipated Tory government in action, it wont be the kind of revolution that the left have been longing for. It is clear that the Tories want to press ahead with a ‘hard’ Brexit that no one really voted for. The referendum was a two option poll which is ambigious because the Brexit process is much more complex than just leave or remain. There are a multitude of options in between that the British people will not be allowed to consider under a Conservative government. That is why I urge you all to vote.

It is so important to vote in this general election to make sure that your voice is heard. This election will dictate our future, and it will predict what kind of lives we can lead. I want to urge everyone to turnout at their polling station and make a choice which allows the British public a voice in the Brexit process. We deserve transparency. The Conservative party do not need to be our future.

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5 Feminist Punk Bands to add to your Music Playlist

Everyone wishes they could be as cool as Kathleen Hanna, and yet over twenty years later the punk scene is still awash with angry males who take up too much space. Luckily for us, women are still picking up instruments and making their place in the scene known. So if there is ever a moment you get bored of boys singing about their ex-girlfriends (which, lets be honest, we all are), here are some women viciously shouting about rape culture, the pro-choice movement and all the things that really matter as a woman in the 21st Century.

  1. Petrol Girls
    Petrol Girls Feminist Punk Hardcore
    Petrol Girls are one of my personal favourites at the moment. In the past year or so, they have pulled me back into the realm of feminist punk with their screaming vocals discussing sexual assault and police violence. Plus I’ve always been a sucker for post-hardcore.

    Listen to: Touch Me Again

  2. War on Women
    War on Women Feminist Punk harcore
    War on Women are a band who certainly don’t shy away from womens issues. They open up a very frank and open discussion regarding abortion and access to birth control. The vocals are snarling, the sound is aggressive, but is their hardcore styling that makes this message stark and demanding.

    Listen to : Roe v World

  3. Hands off Gretel
    Hands off Gretel Feminist punk grunge

    I fell into Hands off Gretel from watching a video of Lauren covering the Distillers, and I fell in love with her voice. She channels the likes of Brody Dalle and Courtney Love to create their heavy, grungey sounds.

    Listen to: One Eyed Girl

  4. Youth Man
    Youth Man band punk feminist

    A surprising favourite of BBC Radio who have bagged themselves support slots with the likes of Letlive and Trash talk. Youth Man are getting a name for themselves in the UK scene for their raucous sets and  relenting punk rock noise.

    Listen to: Pigs

  5. Cistem Failure
    Cistem Failure feminist folk punk

    This is something a little bit different from the rest of the list, and they are also the newest (to me) band on my playlist. Cistem Failure are a folk punk band that are redefining gender binaries while living out of their backpacks.

    Listen to: Boot on Your Face

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Why the EU Referendum should be Reversible

I’m going to take up a bit of a contentious topic today, and talk about why I think the EU referendum result should be reversible. I have managed to largely stay away from talking about the issue on here. I haven’t made any sort of political blog post since June when the result was announced. However, after a really interesting lecture yesterday, I’m feeling a bit inspired.

I may be regarded as a “remoaner” by some, however, I genuinely do believe that it is in the true interests of the British people to remain within the European Union. How did I come to that conclusion after 52% of us voted to leave? Simple. While sat in my lecture yesterday we discussed the Scottish and British Social Attitudes survey’s, and my lecturer made a really prominent point regarding the Scottish referendum, which was that even though vast numbers of people would say that they supported independence, they typically don’t want the consequences. And there is nothing to say that the same wouldn’t apply to the EU. Granted it’s probably too soon to have published a fully comprehensive survey of the UK’s attitudes post-brexit. But if we look at some of the public’s views prior to the referendum, it should give us a good indication of their expectations.

Most importantly, most of us were not sure what would happen if the UK voted to leave Europe. This is due to the clear lack of plan or direction from the leave side, and the government overall. No one had expected this outcome, and they didn’t have any sort of procedure in line if Brexit were to go ahead. Despite that, the public did have expectations about what would happen to the economy, and immigration – the two arguments that I believe ultimately fueled the campaign. Altogether, 57% of those asked thought that if the UK were to leave the EU, immigration would drop (British Social Attitudes Survey).  At the moment it is difficult to dispute this claim, as we are yet to leave the EU. As we already know there is a variety of possibilities regarding Britain’s future. One is that we leave the EU completely and thus are able to regain full control of our borders, or alternatively, our membership may be replaced with an agreement similar to Norway or Switzerland which implements free movement in exchange for access to the single market. Interestingly however, “If the UK had the same net EU immigration rate as Switzerland, it would mean nearly 400,000 more EU migrants a year.” (Openeu.org.uk, 2014) Would the UK be willing to give up access to the single market in order to reduce immigration? I can’t say with certainty that it would. What we do know however is that that immigration will be a priority on the governments Brexit agenda.

Furthermore, there is a large degree of uncertainty regarding the economy. In 2015 55% thought that the UK’s economy would be either no different, or better off. (British Social Attitudes Survey) At the time of writing, it has been announced that in the months following Brexit the UK economy has actually grown  0.5%. However, as we remain in a period of uncertainty concerning Britain’s next step, we may not see this growth continue. Our news is lingered with stories of companies preparing to leave on a daily basis. Whether it is the banks, or car makers it is a threat that the UK currently face. If these companies to chose to relocate, this is when we would see real economic threats. It is clear that the UK would not want to put it’s businesses at risk, London is home to a large number of international business Head Offices, it would be detrimental to the UK economy if we lost them. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has recently warned of a hard brexit costing millions of British citizens their jobs, this would devastate our economy, just as losing access to the single market would devastate many businesses.

Back in 2014, the British Social Attitudes survey showed that 41% of people wanted to stay in the EU, while reducing their powers, compared to just 17% who wanted to leave. Clearly the mood had changed by 2016, as the leave campaign used hate tactics and promised to rid the UK of foreign workers (… essentially). Leave voters rightfully defend this vote, and claim they knew exactly what they were voting for, which simply isn’t the case. Not even to this day 4 months after the referendum do we know exactly what Brexit will entail. We don’t even have minuscule details. A vote for Brexit was flexed into a vote against migration, and if that is what the British people want, then so be it. However, it is important to recall the other factors that will effect us upon leaving the EU, and for that reason I do believe that the referendum result should be reversible. Britain voted with its eyes shut, with no clear guidelines of what Brexit would be. Once that becomes clear the British public should be allowed, once again, to decide whether that is a process that they are willing to endure and face the consequences of.

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Throwback tag!

I have been tagged by the beautiful Miss Rachel to do the Throwback tag! She runs a fantastic beauty blog and regularly posts looks and reviews – check out her blog for some inspiration! It’s taken me a while to get round to responding to this because I have just started a new job, but that doesn’t effect the content, so let me just get on with it!

The Questions:

1. What year were you born in?


2. Do you have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger? If you do, show them.

Me and my one true love


3. What TV shows did you grow up watching?

The Rugrats was my favourite and That’s so Raven, I am a classic early 00’s baby

4. What did you want to be when you grow up and do you still want to be that?

I wanted to be everything and anything from paleontologist (how I even learned that word, I don’t know) to a dancer, you name it, it was on my list of aspirations

5. Show a video of yourself when you were younger.

I grew up using camcorder tapes, I don’t have videos of youthful me on any computer, unfortunately.

6. What were your favourite toys to play with?

I loved Barbie and pollypockets

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that you can remember doing?

I remember trying to copy Kyle Minogues sensual dance moves one time, that is cringy.

8. Read something you wrote when you were in Kindergarten.

lol I literally haven’t kept anything but ceramic paintings and teddies from when I was younger

9. Three songs you loved to listen to as a child.

If it was Steps, I liked it.

10. What was one funny thing you dressed up as for Halloween when you were younger?

I have never done funny for halloween, I got a witch costume from First Choice every year, and those awful finger nail covers that would fall off all the time.

11. Tell a funny story of something you remember happening when you were young.

The only thing I can remember is my dad falling down the stairs as the waitress went to lead him to our breakfast table, while we were on holiday.

12. Are there any special things you’ve kept from when you were a child?

Mostly teddies, and ceramic paintings from my wonderfully talented gran

13. What was something weird you used to do as a child?

lol, I used to carry the karaoke mic and sing for rabbit

14. What’s the scariest thing you remember that happened to you when you were younger?

I’m scared of heights so when I was on a school trip in primary school I froze on this “catwalk” thing that was effectively a bit of wood suspended between two trees, so I cried because I couldn’t move/get down hahah

15. How is the world now different from how it was like when you were a child?

I don’t know if it is all that different, technology is continually advancing, people are still killing each other and the economy is declining. Same shit, different year.

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I’m on MyTrendingStories!

00zero0 on mytrendingstories

Hi guys! I’m super excited to announce that I have been invited to write with MyTrendingStories, so you can look forward to seeing my content shared over there too! Not to fear though, this will remain my main blog. I’m simply opting to share my posts across two platforms!

MTS is basically a new blogging platform set up to encourage blogger interaction, and it has been created as a place to allow us to develop our skill set while learning tips and tricks towards becoming better writers! However, as the reader you will probably find that the site acts a bit more similar a news website as it brings all genre’s of writing together from political to business, sport and lifestyle and allows you to easily browse through a variety of different articles.

Hopefully I will see you guys over there too!

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The Day that Britain Crumbled

Last night I watched as my own future disappeared in front of my own eyes. My nation crumbled under my own feet. I don’t know where I stand anymore. I don’t know what my future holds. I don’t know if I have a place in this country to flourish and succeed. I don’t think anybody expected this. Which is why we are left with the question “what happens now?” What do we do to prevent inflation? What do we do to maintain and secure jobs for our people? How do we make sure that the Tories don’t strip us of our rights that just yesterday were protected by the beautiful union of the EU? What do we do?

This is a devastating time for Britain. It is no longer “Great.” We have put the futures of our young people in danger, and we currently do not have a government who will do everything in its power to protect it’s people. My worst fear is that we will replace one Tory power with another. I can only hope that in the months and years to come that Britain elects substantial powers that will maintain our quality of living. In my idealist mind, somehow we sort this shit out and become a socialist utopia, but I think with our current political climate, the chances of that are slim.

This is the worst thing that could happen.

My generations future is uncertain.

War Hungry Fascists

Once again, my political posts come in form of late night ramblings. But, is there really a better time to do it than just a few hours after the outcome in Westminster?

The tories won with 397 votes compared to just 223 on the side of the opposition. But is this really surprising? My answer is no.
Democracy has been practised unevenly in Westminster. The Conservative party members were whipped. The decision was essentially made for many of them. The Tories were the party of war. While, on the other hand we had labour – a very split party, with Corbyn reluctant to bind people to voting in a certain manner, because if high numbers voted against him, it would show his weakness as leader. Ultimately however, we must applaud Corbyn for allowing autonomy in such large parliamentary decisions, while Cameron stands as leader in his school yard posse.

Democracy in Westminster is questionable. Parties are so determined to be seen as strong leaders that they are willing to override the opinions of the constituents who elected them. In this case in particular the purpose of democracy has been entirely overridden. In it’s place we have a league of war hungry fascists screaming for the survival of western imperialism. As Salmond said, bombing Syria is nothing but a tactic to avoid forming a strategy. It is a statement which is entirely true. Bombing Syria and harming citizens is senseless and fosters a new wave of extremist thinkers. The outcome of the vote tonight has very little regard for the long term effects to the Syrian nation.

UPDATE: The first bombs have dropped in an oil rich area of Syria, which does nothing but prove that we have embarked on yet another quest for Western Imperialism.