Green Day Summer Tour 2017

To say that I was looking forward to this tour, is a little bit of an understatement. In true fangirl fashion, Lauri and I done all of the UK Green Day dates with the exception of Sheffield. It’s always a lot of fun following them on tour, it’s taken me to parts of the UK that I otherwise wouldn’t visit. And on this tour, I finally got to meet my long term twitter pals Alex and Ciara! So by the time it rolled around, I was more than happy to be packing my bags to head back on tour!


Our first stop of the tour was Belfast. Needless to say on the run up to the twelth, it was a bit of a culture shock seeing so many flags draped around the city. I obviously knew about the divisions in Ireland, but I always expected their dedication to the twelth to be some last minute bunting flung up the night before. That wasn’t the case, and we saw the city in all of its sectarian glory.

We stayed in the Botanic Queens Rest. It was a twenty minute walk from Ormeau park (where the gig was held) and it was a pretty good  choice for the night! The staff were lovely, and our room was pleasant and clean, with plenty of plug sockets for all of your 21st Century needs. Bathrooms are shared, but we had our own personal shower. I really didn’t have any problems with this, especially because it was a short stay.

Belfast was my favourite of the three shows. The crowd had a great atmosphere, even if Billie stopped the show because someone was being an arsehole in the pit. But it’s little things like that, that make the show special. We were surprised that we managed to get a spot at the end of the catwalk, and that became our spot for the rest of the tour! At the end of the show I met my friend Alex, we had known each other for years on Twitter, so that was a pretty special way to end the night!

Green Day Belfast Ireland Tour UK Tour


The following morning we woke at the crack of dawn and headed to Dublin. I fell asleep on the bus journey, and woke up covered in confetti from the night before. We had two days to spend in the city, but the day we arrived was the day of the gig. So we quickly stopped at our hotel, and found another of my long-term Twitter friends, Ciara, and headed to the queue! The weather was absolutely awful and rained all day, but luckily finding an umberella near Kilmainham Park wasn’t too difficult.

We had a total drama after we returned from checking into our rooms, when the queue had disappeared and the security didn’t want us to return to our spots. We ended up just storming past the gates and reclaiming our spots. Somehow, I ended up one of the first people to make it through the security check point, and I ran straight towards the spot at the end of the barrier. It was Ciara’s first time on the barrier, so it was nice to get such a good spot. The downpour had us freezing, until the band came on. I ended up getting kicked in the face by a crowd surfer and I was left with a big dirty mark on my face! (hahah of course that would happen to me!) At the end of the night we all met up with Alex again. We had pretty much planned this since we were all 13/14, so it was amazing that it finally happpened!

Green Day Ireland Tour
The following morning we had a lay in, our flight was really late, as we didn’t want to rush out of  our only shelter for the day. We found a good breakfast, picked up the most amazing red velvet doughnuts from Rolling Doughnuts and argued with anti-abortion activists all before 1 o’clock. After the thrill of the morning we headed to the Leprechaun Museum. It was actually a really good storyteller activity, and a great way to learn about Irish folklore.  It’s definitely worth the visit. Afterwards we went a  walk around Temple Bar, exploring the shops before we ended up in a pub for a quick cider before finding the bus to the airport.


For this gig we decided to commute from Cambridge. Our taxi was late, and the train station was a shambles, so we ended up late for doors. But it worked out fine, we managed to get wristbands for the golden circle and we could wander from stage to stage. We ended up hunting down the last two Drunk Bunny teddies in all of Hyde Park! Afterwards we spent some time getting food, and having some drinks before we wormed our way to the front of the crowd before Green Day.

Hyde Park was a special show. London is always a special show, it always feels so nice to be surrounded by so many Green Day fans. I’ve only ever had good experiences seeing the band in London. Although, I did feel as if some of the atmosphere was lost because the stage was so big and there was a huge gap between the stage and the audience. There was even the painfully awkward point when Billie brought two girls on stage to play guitar, and forgot about one of them. Despite this, the show was still enjoyable, and it was nice to finally see them in the sun!


The day following the London show, we headed home so stock up on sleep before the Glasgow show. We really wanted that to be a good one because it was our home show. Lauri has never seen them play here before, and it would have been my tenth Green Day show, so it we were sure it was going to be special! But as many of you know (if you follow Green Day, or live in Scotland) things didn’t go to plan. You can read all about what happened that morning in Monday’s blog post, here.

After the gig got cancelled, we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. Eventually we ended up at a pub, with a bunch of other fans, which then led to the decision to go to their hotel, and see what happens! I was a bit hesitant about it, I never wanted to be that fan. But I also thought fuck it, enough had turned sour for me since I left the London show, so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to potentially meet my favourite band. We ended up there all day, it started out a small crowd of people, but before we knew it there were literally hundreds. It was nice, we all gathered and sang some songs, then Billie posted saying he could hear us. I think it was around 9 o’clock that Mike finally came out to address the crowd. He looked devastated and apologised, ultimately safety comes first. We all got a big group picture with him. Afterwards we continued to hang around to see the whole band leave. Tre was up the windows waving and being an idiot. And somehow I got a picture with Jason Freese? It all passed like a blur.

Michael Schofield Mike Dirnt Green Day Blysthwood Square Hotel fans


Once we knew the band were officially out of our city, we headed to Saint Judes – an old church converted into a gig venue – to see Green Date. I never thought I would see a Green Day tribute band in my life, but it ended up being a really good night. Entry was free; the venue was jam packed; and there was even mosh pits. The security in the place were really strict, and threw quite a lot of people out, but I imagine that was in part because it was a one in/one out policy and there was a queue of people wanting to get in! (Not that it actually justifies it). By the time the gig got cut out we were all still singing.

I had so much fun on this tour. There was a silver lining at the end of every mishap, so it’s hard to be bitter about anything that happened. If anything, it’s left me more excited than ever to have Green Day back in Glasgow… hopefully playing at a nice indoor show, not organised by PCL.

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