What Actually Happened when Green Day Cancelled their Glasgow Show?

Anyone that follows Green Day and/or is Scottish knows that this show turned out to be a bit of a disaster. By this point, Lauri and I were pretty much in the routine of waking up early and queuing in the rain, and that’s exactly what we did. We left the house at 6am, found our place in the queue and sat down. It wasn’t until around 11am that the rumours started circulating. We first heard it from one of the boys we met that day. One of the security guards at the gates of the park mentioned it to him, but we all thought that the guard was joking and brushed it off. Then again at around 11.30, one of our friends we met during tour arrived and showed the sound techs instagram page, where he had posted about how much of a disaster it was backstage. Very little of the local crew had shown up; the stage was unsafe, and half of the PA had gone missing.

Green Day Glasgow cancelled show Steve Lagudi PCL Bellahouston Park

After we read this we were all obviously wondering what was going on. I went to ask the security at the gates in front of the queue, but they hadn’t been told anything at this point/weren’t allowed to give out information. So we stayed in the queue as the rumours continued to circulate, we didn’t know if it was true, or if Steve was just having a laugh. A lot of people just didn’t want to believe it (myself included). We remained in that queue until about 5 minutes before the doors were due to open, waiting to be informed officially that the show had been cancelled. Meanwhile the signs on the motorway and on public transport had been changed with at least an hours notice.

The most disappointing thing is that PCL wont give us the truth. They continue to blame cancellation on ‘adverse weather conditions’ but not only is it nonsensical because Scotland has definitely seen much worse weather, but both Lagudi’s instagram and Green Day’s post contradict their statement.

PCL Green Day Cancelled Show announcement Glasgow

Green Day cancelled show announcement Glasgow

So what actually happened? I think it’s fair to say that no one actually knows. I personally take the view that it was due to poor stage set up, and lack of organisation from PCL that the show was cancelled. There have been a lot of rumours circulating about why the show had been cancelled. I’m choosing to list them in a bulletpoint fashion because firstly, there have been a lot, and secondly I can freely expand upon specific issues without it being too jumbled.

  •  One member of staff had fallen and injured himself during set up. PCL later came forward and admitted that this had happened, but denied that it effected the show continuing. Read here.
  • They only began setting up the stage the day before the gig, despite having told locals that it would continue over four days. 
  • PCL sacked their original crew when they refused to set up the stage without the boards underneath to stop it from sinking (technical terms please), and hired in a crew less qualified who would set it up how they wanted. This evidently lead to the stage sinking.
  • The council refused to sign off on health and safety at 9am that morning. The council have since washed their hands of these claims, pointing their finger at the promoter and the band. However, if it is the case that they had known from such an early hour of the morning, they left thousands of fans (some of which had been camping) in the lurch for far too long.
  •  They began dismantling the stage long before the doors were due to open. – Again, a claim that means fans were left in the lurch for far longer than they should have been. And one that would make sense if health and safety had been refused early in the morning.
  • PCL are not paying staff. You can watch staff members receive the announcement here, and a read letter from the MP for Glasgow South to PCL here. This is certainly no rumour, and something to be appalled by. If you are effected by this, you can get in touch with betterthanzero.
  • On a slightly unrelated note, I also want to add that SeeTickets are not refunding booking and postage fees. As if this whole affair needed more drama. Facebook is littered with complains about the poor customer service from the company, and both The Times and The Scottish Daily Record have reported this.

Overall, I think it’s fair to say that this failed spectacle was a shambles. As I have previously stated, I have taken the view that it is due to PCL’s lacklustre organisation that cancelled this gig. But it is still pretty unclear what actually happened. However, the varying reports suggest that information is being hidden, and the whole story has yet to be told. I doubt that in the future we will hear much more about this, I imagine PCL will be reluctant to post the details of their investigation. But this is the information that I have pulled together since the show. I should reinforce some of this is just rumours, but where I have been able to, I’ve provided any evidence. Hopefully we will hear a further statement when the investigation has been complete.

For more on Green Day’s UK tour (including this date), check out my next post coming on Thursday!

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