Why this General Election is SO Important…

I have a few friends on facebook who – during the weeks after the election was announced – have declared their intention not to vote, and how they would rather sit around and wait for the “revolution.” But I am here to inform you all, the revolution has already begun and the fascists are winning.
It might not be a revolution that is taking place on the streets, however the Brexit outcome is the biggest change to our constitution perhaps ever.

Now briefly, for those of you who haven‘t yet realized that we do actually have a constitution, let me just go over it. It’s really simple and has one main principle and that is parliamentary sovereignty. (I know, exam has passed, and I don’t need to talk about this anymore… but here I am). Basically parliamentary sovereignty means we have an ‘unlimited’ government who can do whatever they want – they are our highest power. I’m sure that is no surprise to some of you. You all saw the controversy over who has power surrounding the referendum.

However, Brexit produced a result which is taking us out of the EU. This was a result that was largely not wanted by our parliament. It was a decision made by the British people and the government (and our parliament) have decided to push through with it. This introduces popular sovereignty, which is the notion that the people hold all power. You can see how this would be conflicting with the notion of parliamentary sovereignty.

The principle that government are actually pressing ahead with a decision that THEY DID NOT WANT, but was demanded by the people IS REVOLUTIONARY. Perhaps it is one of the benefits of Brexit – the people have been given power. But with the anticipated Tory government in action, it wont be the kind of revolution that the left have been longing for. It is clear that the Tories want to press ahead with a ‘hard’ Brexit that no one really voted for. The referendum was a two option poll which is ambigious because the Brexit process is much more complex than just leave or remain. There are a multitude of options in between that the British people will not be allowed to consider under a Conservative government. That is why I urge you all to vote.

It is so important to vote in this general election to make sure that your voice is heard. This election will dictate our future, and it will predict what kind of lives we can lead. I want to urge everyone to turnout at their polling station and make a choice which allows the British public a voice in the Brexit process. We deserve transparency. The Conservative party do not need to be our future.

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