Cruelty Free Update: My Every Day Make-up

Illamasqua Skin Base NARS Sheer Glow Seventeen High Drama Sara Hill Luxurty Face Primer Urban Decay Primer PotionA year or so ago I decided I wanted to switch up my make-up routine and ensure that every single product that I use is cruelty free. So today I am going to go over the products that I use on a daily basis to hopefully help guide you towards some cruelty free and easy to obtain alternatives to your beauty routine.

Before I go on to list the products I use, I do have one confession to make. The one product I have struggled with finding an alternative for is my moisturiser. I was previously using some pretty heavy duty E45 cream to moisturise my face on a daily basis. I since picked up Aveeno to try. For some reason I was certain I had googled it and found that it was cruelty free, but when I double checked it after buying it, I realised I was wrong. So if anyone has any recommendations for a good cruelty free moisturiser, I am all ears! Now lets get into it…

Primer: Sara Hill Luxury Face Primer (£28) for the face, and Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion (£17) for the eyes

Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (£32) in shade light 3, mixed with Illamasqua’s SB 01 (white) Skin Base Foundation (£33).

Sara Hill Luxury face Primer NARS Sheer gLOW Foundation Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

: Seventeen High Drama Liquid Eyeliner (£3.99)

: I have been switching Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes (£23) and Maybelline Colossal (which you can see pictured) which is not cruelty free, but it was gifted to me at Christmas and I think I would be wasteful not to finish it.

: I rotate mostly between Jeffrey Star Velour Liquid Lipstick (£16) and Kat Von D (£17)

Jeffree Star Androgyny Kat Von D Lolita Urban Decay eye primer potion Seventeen High Drama

Make up Remover: Simple Micellar Water 400ml (£6.59)
One thing I have found quite difficult since transitioning to a cruelty free beauty routine is keeping the cost down. As you can see I spend well over £100 on just my everyday ‘essentials’. I don’t even use a lot of products daily. I reeally want to find a drug store alternative for my mascara that I actually like. Previously I have used NYX Doll Eyes Mascara and I found the product so clumpy and horrible that I just had to indulge in something that I knew would work. On the other hand, I have fallen head over heels with my Seventeen eyeliner, I have already gone through multiple little tubes! I wouldn’t swap it for anything!

If you have any Cruelty Free favourites that you want to share with me then please do! I’m always looking for new products to try!

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2 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Update: My Every Day Make-up

  1. Nice post! First Aid Beauty does a great moisturiser in their Ultra Repair Cream, which is cruelty free! I’m liking my Soap and Glory mascara at the moment, I forget what it’s called but it is in a gold tube and is fairly affordable!

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