My Summer to-do List

At long last, my exams are over, my essays are done and Summer has started! Like everyone else I want to have an amazing Summer filled with new experiences, but I also want to feel as if it has been a productive Summer as well. I have so many ideas that I have had for ages and never carried through with, so now is my time to complete them! In the hopes of getting me both excited and motivated for all the many amazing things I am going to do and want to do this Summer, I thought I’d share with you my to do list.

valfre summer to doValfre

  1. Follow my Favourite Band on Tour
    Once again I’ll be back on the tour wagon following Green Day from Ireland to London. We’ve got 3 stops before returning home and seeing them for a final time in Glasgow. We’ve just finalised our travel details, I’m so looking forward to this!
  2. Make a Patchwork Quilt
    Ok, so while we’re on the topic of Green Day, I should mention I have accumulated a lot of Green Day t-shirts over the years, and there are plenty of them that just never really get worn anymore. So to save some drawer space I want to create myself a patch work quilt in all the Green Day merch I just don’t wear!
  3. Berlin!
    Germany has been on my bucket list for a very long time and this year I am finally visiting Berlin for my birthday! Berlin is home to subculture so I really want to check out some punk shows while we are in the city. Hopefully some good bands will be playing!
  4. Fix my ripped up jeans
    Long story short, I am currently sat with a rather large hole in the crotch of my jeans right now. I want to patch up the hole and turn them into some shorts to rock during my holiday to Berlin.
  5. Explore!
    I want to do more than just what I have planned. I want to go on dog walks up the hills, I want to go to new cities, I want to wild swim and do things that are easily accessible to me. I want spontaneous fun!

Tell me your plans for this Summer?

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