NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation reviewAfter a few years of being an Illamasqua loyal I decided to change it up and try something new. I have really dry skin so as much as I liked the Skin Base foundation, it just wasn’t doing anything to hydrate my face. This lead me on a hunt to find something that would do just that! I had heard good things about NARS foundation and it was first on every ‘best foundation for dry skin’ list that I had looked at. So I figured it was a good place to start.

I popped into House of Frasers to get colour matched and I was honestly a little underwhelmed by the service. It felt very rushed, and it wasn’t even a busy Saturday – I visited midweek and the store wasn’t even busy. I also wasn’t keen on the MUA applying the foundation to my neck with their hands, perhaps that is me nitpicking, but I would much rather they just used a brush so that the process felt clean. It seemed very unprofessional to me.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation swatch Review

On to the product itself. It is in a very nice glass bottle, it’s quite heavy and feels very sturdy so you wouldn’t need to worry about smashing the bottle at all. This is inside of a classic NARS black box. The main problem I have with the packaging is that it doesn’t come with a pump, and you are charged to buy one. Once the pump is attached you can’t fit the lid of the bottle back on to the product either. It feels a bit wasteful to me because I now have a spare lid floating around “just in case.”

The formula is amazing. It makes up for everything that I didn’t like about the service in the shop or the packaging. When I first swatched the product on my hand I was very aware of how thick it felt, and I was worried that this would mean the product would be cakey and crack, but it is actually the complete opposite. The product feels so silky to apply and it sits on your face beautifully throughout the day. It has a medium/buildable coverage, I don’t usually wear thick foundation, but I definitely do feel like I could build this up for a fuller coverage look and I wouldn’t need to worry about my foundation looking cracked or patchy.

I’ve taken some pictures of the wear. I really put this foundation to the test, by it wearing to work (where we don’t have air conditioning, or windows for that matter). The temperature was boiling on this day and as you can see my foundation lasted pretty well! There isn’t any cracking – it pretty much hasn’t budged (other than where I have rubbed it off). I am certainly impressed by this foundation. The first image was straight after my initial application, and the second is at the end of the day. All that I had used was the foundation itself, and mixed it with my primer and a white mixer No setting spray or powder had been used.

One thing that really needs to be noted as a disadvantage to this product, is that I could not find a perfect colour match. I was between light one and two, so I do add Illamasqua’s white skin base mixer into the foundation. This is a bit disappointing, but it is a common problem that I have. This could have an impact on the overall wear of the foundation, and those that can wear the foundation on its own may have a slightly different experience.

Overall I would definitely recommend NARS sheer glow foundation to anyone with dry skin. I feel like this has changed the game for me. I stuck with illamasqua for so long because I just love the company and the concept that their foundations are made to be customisable sat well with me and my awkward inbetween skin tone. However, it just wasn’t right for my skin. Since switching to NARS I haven’t experienced any new foundation breakouts (I do unfortunately get hormonal acne), and my skin just feels much happier underneath my foundation. So if you are having difficulty finding something for your dry skin, give this a try! It has changed the game for me!

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