My Most Psycho Girlfriend Moment…

VALFRE robot girl psycho girlfriend moment

Jealousy is a horrid feeling, and yet I’ve found that while being a in relationship it is one of the easiest road blocks to encounter. In order to write this post, I have to reflect on the most embarrassingly psycho girlfriend thing I have ever done. So please excuse me as I cringe my way through the next few paragraphs. There is a reason that this post has been saved as a draft since around January…

Back when our relationship first began there was this girl that Brad had been speaking to. In his words, he was “helping her through some stuff.” I guess they were pretty close for a while. I realised that when I picked Brad up from the train station and it felt as if he had been texting her for the whole journey home as he had his arm wrapped around me. Things continued like that for a while. They would text and I would do nothing but ignore it because I trust Bradley; despite any menacing thoughts in my mind. Eventually she visited Cambridge and Brad went to meet her. He asked if I was ok with that, and of course I was, I was doing everything in my means not to be weird about it.

But after they met, Brad was acting kind of out of character and didn’t tell me much about their encounter and of course I got curious. The jealousy had pent up inside of me. I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me about, I just didn’t know what. So, like all crazy girls that your mother warned you about, I took it upon myself to log into his facebook account and read their messages. She sent things like “I can’t stop thinking about the other night” and “I wouldn’t want you to break a pretty girls heart” and while Brad’s responses were totally non-incriminating and telling her he wasn’t interested in her romantically. My heart dropped and I couldn’t help but wonder WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON!? I needed to know what happened. In my hysterical state, I messaged Brad demanding he told me what was going on, and he did. After all of the drama and catastrophe that had accumulated in my mind, it turned out that she had basically professed her love for him and he had turned her down…

Neither of us where really in the right with this situation, and I think it was one of those big learning points early on in our relationship. We both had to be open and honest and communicate with each other. But both of us had failed those tests. Brad should have told me what happened that night, and I shouldn’t have acted so crazy and just asked about it.  In a long distance relationship, you can’t see how your partner is interacting with other people, and as I learned first hand, that can drive you mad. I literally still regret how insane I acted. The only thing you can do to try to overcome the feeling of jealousy is to talk to your other half. Your partner is the only person that can tell you how it really is. It is your choice to trust them.

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