Kat Von D Launched in Glasgow

A week ago Kat Von D launched her cosmetic line in Debenhams in Glasgow city centre. It arrived just in time to serve as the perfect motivation to get me out of bed and into the uni library to study for my exams the following week. I was out of the house on time to catch the 10 am train (which is the earliest and cheapest train I can get using my railcard… I’m a savvy student) to get my hands on some goodies! And oh boy, the counter does not disappoint.

The counter itself is a gothic dream with beautiful black baroque detailing on everything from the counters to the mirrors, and with shelves created in shapes similar to that of  glass windows found in a cathedral. I’m always very drawn to the stained glass windows of my local Cathedral, so I found myself taken away by this very minute detail of her counter. It is all very beautiful and very Kat Von D.

Kat Von D Nars Beauty Haul Liquid Lipstick Everlasting Lipstick Eye shadow Quad White Out Concealer Sheer Glow Foundation

The counter was incredibly busy when I visited. It was launch day, and within the first few hours of Debenhams opening. But the girls at the counter were incredibly helpful. One even found the time to swatch some lipsticks for me, and show me the eye shadow palettes. I ended up buying the white out and L03 concealer, which on reflection is a bit too dark for me, and I probably should have went for L01, but that can be bought another time. I also picked up a liquid lipstick in the shade Vampira, and the Plum eye shadow palette, which I have been wanting for ages. I was on such a spending hype, that I even went over to House of Frasers to pick up NARS Sheer Glow foundation to try for the first time. I’m pretty pleased with my purchases. I still need to try them all out, but you can be expecting some new blog posts when I do!

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