After a weekend of celebrating my papa’s 80th Birthday, I hopped on a train to London to meet Brad for the final day of International Ska Fest. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it down for this visit, but as he was DJ-ing, I knew i’d be gutted if I missed it.  I wasn’t up for doing much dancing as the night hit because I had been up since 7am. But the Last Gang crew had everyone on their feet (and others on the floor doing the splits, literally), so it turned out to be a really nice night just watching people enjoy themselves and to finally be back with Bradley for the first time since January!

last gang in town punk punx London International Ska Festival Islington Assembly Hall 2017 Devil Kicks Dancehall

The visit itself was very brief. We went back to Cambridge for 2 more days following Ska fest, so we didn’t do loads. I stole a load of Bradley’s clothes as it turned out the weather forecast was not accurate, and my sturdy winter coat just wasn’t needed as we had a wander around the shops. We even visited some antique stores where I fantasized about all the clutter I would buy if I had the money. Then for lunch we visited The Garden Kitchen where we both had some veggie goodies and I treated myself to a delicious chocolate and almond cake after admiring their cakes from the window for months now. The only thing that was missing was a dollop of creme on top of the cake to set it off!

Afterwards we had a proper “date night” and went bowling. Bradley won both rounds despite my mighty attempts with the bumpers up. Then we spent a fortune playing arcade games! Brad had his heart set on winning me a Groot toy from the claw machine and £25 later he done just that! Just as our funds had dwindled down to our final pound, lil Groot decided he was coming home with me and i’m cuddling him in bed as I type. You wouldn’t believe our ecstatic reaction as we watched the toy fall from the clutches of the claw machine and into the hole to take him home!

Despite it being a short visit, I had a really nice time. We probably created more memories in those 3 short days than we have done in some of our luxurious week long visits. We were both just so happy to be back together after such a long time apart. Even though we are in a long distance relationship and being separate is something we are used to; Sometimes waiting those extra couple of months makes the visit more exciting.

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