Things I Learned While Following my Favourite Band on tour

As February began I made the journey to Leeds to see my favourite band in three cities over the course of 4 days. This was a completely new experience, I hadn’t done anything like this before. So to say it was a learning curve isn’t a lie. I travel a lot as it is, but visiting a new city every day (almost) was quite different from my usual long haul train journey’s to and from Cambridge. But my god, was it worth it! I’ve wanted to follow Green Day on tour since I was about 13 years old and a good number of my online friends managed to pull it off. So to say I’ve finally done it is a big tick off my bucket list! Without further ado, here’s all the things you just have to expect if you are a big fangirl like me…

Don’t expect a smooth journey once you are in the queue

For all fangirls (boys/individuals) logic dictates that the sooner you arrive in the queue, the less you have to worry about your spot in the crowd. And while that is largely true, it isn’t strictly the case. Not all venues know how to deal with large capacity’s of people flooding their doors as they open. Leeds was an example of this. I couldn’t think of a worse way to start the tour as everyone pushed and shoved their way passed security. They had everyone wristbanded before we got into the venue, which seemed like a sign of organisation, but in reality, the venue were over organised. There wasn’t anything to slow the crowd down as we entered, and everyone just wanted their spot on the barrier. In the other venues at Manchester and London the only thing that held us back were out with our control.

Luck is everything

We were pretty lucky in that we managed to get on the barrier every night of the tour, but it wasn’t necessarily amazing spots (With that said, if Green Day didn’t use a catwalk, there wouldn’t be a problem). Sometimes just the order that the doors open in make all the difference. Don’t get too hung up on it, because you will enjoy the show no matter where you are!

Be spontaneous!

Generally speaking, I am a well planned out person. I usually make sure I know what I’m doing long before I am doing it. But when we arrived in London we decided to head to Kingston to see The Interrupters play an acoustic set in Banquet Records. We headed straight from the train station with our bags on our back because we didn’t have enough time to check into our hotel before the show. In the end we met the band, which was a really nice and unexpected addition to our trip. Plus we got to see a part of London that neither of us would likely see otherwise.

You will probably get lost and that’s ok

We got lost in  every city we went to. We couldn’t find the hotel in Leeds; we went to the wrong train station in Manchester; and in London, we visited the O2 arena the night before the gig and ended up lost inside the venue! We some how found our way around to the VIP entrance, and where they keep the tour buses, then had to exit through the staff entrance where we got grilled by security about how we got there. What an experience! It’s all in the memory bank now.

Is there a band you would travel to see live?
Tell me who in the comments below!

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