Beauty Things I’m Bad At

Lydia Saskia Illustration art beauty FUCK!!
Illustration by Lydia Saskia

Doing my own make up can quite often be the proudest moment of the day. It takes some amount of time just to decorate your face in the morning before you leave the house. But no matter how hard I try, there are just some things that I cannot get to grips with! I try not to get on board with unrealistic expectations, but in the beauty world, the pressure to do absolutely everything faultlessly is unavoidable. The truth of the matter is, I’m no make-up artist, and there are things that I just do not have the patience to learn or perfect. After lifeaccordingtojade shared her list of beauty things she’s bad at, I felt a little bit inspired to share my own. After all, nobody is perfect!

Shaving – I do shave, but only periodically or if my armpits are going to be on show (which honestly, isn’t very often). It just takes so much time and effort and there is better things I can be doing than spending an hour in the shower trying to achieve a silky smooth finish. I just don’t care that much.

Skin Care – I know there is definitely more I should be doing than just washing my face and moisturising, but that costs money, and I sure don’t have enough of that.

Eyebrows – Not only do I manage to draw ugly overly thick eyebrows, but I struggle to find the right shade that actually matches my eyebrows! My hair might be ginger, but my eyebrows sure as hell aren’t!

False Eyelashes – How do people even wear these anyway? They just feel heavy and fall off.

Nails – I cannot for the life of me maintain my nails. My polish is constantly chipped and my nails are often dirty. There isn’t enough encouragement in the world to get me to keep my nails tidy.

We’ve all got to be bad at something!
What is your least favourite part of beauty?

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