Dream Destinations

I am  travel deprived. There, I’ve said it. I miss long haul plane journey’s, and crappy flight food; the tiny pillows and thin blankets that don’t do much to keep you warm during the freezing cold night leg of your flight. Most of all, I miss the adventure – your first breath of foreign air and lack of direction. It’s not a game that can be played in your neighbouring city. It’s the sort of longing that can only be fufilled with your passport. And so, as every longing traveller with a lack of funds does, I have accumulated a list of the places that I would love to visit.

1. California, USA

All I have wanted to do since I was eight years old is watch some bands play at Gilman Street. It is literally my punk rock mecca. For some it is CBGB’s, and for others it is The 100 Club, but for me the entire fundamentals of my interest in punk were garnered in 924 Gilman Street. With that said, if I visited California, I would definitely want to take a little tour from San Francisco, to LA and San Diego

2. Berlin, Germany

In the grand scheme of places I would like to visit Germany is definitely the closest to home, and the only one that I have almost visited. Germany has a fascinating history and that has been a large part of the appeal of the country. Berlin seems to combine this vibrant youthful persona with all of the history of the city. It is everything that a 20 year old would want in a trip abroad.

3. Cambodia


Angkor Wat. Enough said. Cambodia seems like a home to grandious architecture from their glorious Temples to their city buildings in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia is a feast for the eyes… and your instagram page. The country has had a turbulent history which completely contrasts it’s stark beauty. Besides, every time you spoke of your trip you’d be paying ode to Dead Kennedy’s, and that is enough to make it a worthwhile journey in my books.

4. Nicaragua


Admittedly, this is another one influenced by yet another band (yep… Screeching Weasel). When i first heard the song I did’t have a clue what Nicaragua was, or where it was, but after a quick google search I was stunned by it’s beauty. Lakes, volcanos and lengths of beaches sweeping along the coast – everything you need for a relaxing outdoor holiday.

Tell me your dream travel destinations in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Dream Destinations

  1. I feel you on the travel bug! I even have a whole pinterest board dedicated to places I’d like to see some day. As someone from California, I can easily say that it’s mostly really overrated! It might be different for someone with a more personal reason for visiting the state as opposed to me who lives and breathes California 24/7 though ;p Hopefully you get to visit these destinations soon! Germany and Cambodia are both (somewhere) on my list as well but ideally the whole world would be my destination at some point lol. -C

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  2. I have been to #2 & #3. They are plain awesome! Though I have to say, you must bring a good camera when you go to Cambodia. It s my biggest regret going around with just using the camera phone. Angkor Wat is amaaaayzinggg.

    All the best! 🙂

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  3. I haven’t been to any places of the ones you mentioned, except living in San Diego, but I admit they’d be great for creating beautiful experiences. All i have to say is that San Diego is very calm, nice, and welcoming 😊

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