I won make up from Sara Hill!

Sara Hill is a make up artist who launched her own independent make up line, “inspired by fashion, club kids, pop culture and chain smoking aunties.” The brand is even cruelty free! Could they have done anything more to win me over!? I have wanted to try Sara Hill’s make up line for a very long time now, but it has always been just a bit too far out of my price range to get my tempted little paws on them. But lucky me won a whole bundle of Sara Hill goodies from Naf Salon!

op, hey Beth!

The giveaway included her new Posey blush, the Shine and Sculpt kit, Luxury Face Primer, Lilac Spark metallic pigment, Galaxy glitter, Red Rocket lip gloss and Sadie Doll lipstick. All of which are available here.

As you can see, there is quite the bundle, so I’ve not yet had the chance to try out everything. But I will talk you through those that I have. Surprisingly, the first thing that I reached for was the Lip Gloss – Red Rocket. I am a devout hoarder of matte liquid lipsticks, all and any lip glosses that I may have once owned had been purged from my make up collection long, long ago. However, this one has been life altering for me. From it’s first slick across my lips I was amazed. It’s thick, it’s pigmented, but it doesn’t feel as if it’s going to dribble off of your lips at any given moment and once the gloss has worn off, your lips are left with subtle red tint. It is everything I could have wanted from a lip gloss, but never found before.

I also tried out the luxury face primer, which was super easy to apply and as branded, feels luxurious on your face. Unfortunately, it hasn’t rid me of my desire to try Illamasqua’s hydra veil primer. I do have especially dry skin, so a “suitable for all skin types” primer doesn’t really meet my needs, but it is good enough for me to happily prolong my wait for my next primer while I use it up. I work in a very sweaty department store, and it kept my face in tact during some grueling week-before-Christmas shifts.

Another product that I absolutely fell in love with was Sara Hill’s Shine and Sculpt kit. I’ve only used a cream contour kit once before and I just couldn’t figure it out because it was pan based and I wasn’t sure which brushes to use however, with these being contour sticks, that question doesn’t need to pass your mind. I popped it on and immediately thought “fml, how do I work this?” but to my surprise the product was super easy to blend and turned out very natural looking! I don’t know why I would have expected anything else from a make up artist who promotes a bare-looking base.

I have also popped on the lilac spark metallic pigment. I really liked this product and the look that I came up with using it. I definitely found it to be a buildable product, which was ideal because I used it as a base crease shade, which I then put other purple and taupe shades on top of, and attempted my first cut crease.  It does give off a little bit of a shine when applied, but to really optimize the metallic you’ll probably need to spray a little setting spray on your brush before applying. However, when I popped on top of my Lime Crime Perlees lipstick, it really popped.

My selfie below probably doesn’t do any of the products any justice (it’s hard to get good lighting at this time of year because it gets so dark so early! – I am all about that natural light), but I had used the lilac spark metallic pigment on both my eyes and on top of lime crime perlees on my lips. I had also used the luxury face primer and shine and sculpt kit for a super natural contour.

If you have any questions about these products,
or want to hear more about those I haven’t tried yet,
get in touch in the comments below!

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