I got a new Dog!

My blog has been on the quiet front recently, which us easy done when you are trying to juggle uni and work, never mind throwing a blog into the mix! A few things have happened – not much of it is exciting… except from my new dog!

His name is Kodi, the picture above is from the first time my parents went to visit him. My dad volunteers with the Japanese Akita Welfare Trust (JAWT), and this was supposed to be a simple home check, but they both came home and had fallen in love with him! A week later they brought him home and now he has been with us for about a month!

He’s had quite a life so far! He just turned 1 year old after arriving with us. And within that year, he has traveled from Russia and shipped to a home in rural Scotland, before he ended his journey here! As you can see in the very first image he was in need of a good groom – he was kept outside in his previous home and had never even been brushed, so my dad got him in the bath (twice now – he was smelly) and gave him a good groom.

Kodi and Nala get on really well. I think we are all surprised by how easy it has been to bring another dog into the house. Luckily before we rescued Nala she was kept with two dogs and she clearly missed the companionship, so she welcomed Kodi into the home and its as if he has always been here. They even share each others food (and Nala LOVES her food – we thought that was going to be the biggest problem).

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