Halloween Care Package!

Happy Halloween!

I am a big fan of care packages and I am a big fan of Halloween! Infact, halloween has been the only time I have consistently sent Bradley a little bundle of gifts in the post. This year is no different. I hit the shops looking for the finest spooky treats for Bradley and this is what I found

  • Skeleton Jogging Trousers £12 Primark
  • Lush Lord of Misrule Shower Gel £4.95
  • Lush Boo Bath Melt £3.50
  • Crappy looking horror film (Brads favourite sort) 50P
  • Incense £1.40


There is loads of things you can do with the box! You can add in some Halloween sweets, or creepy little spiders, there isn’t any limits! Last year I packed it with decorative spider webs, and wrapped it in warning tape. I kept my box pretty simple this year. I drew on the outside of the box (i’m sure you can tell! haha) and printed out some art by the amazing Creep Heart – it’s creepy and cute, just like me!

Halloween care package long distance relationship LDR


Happy Halloween!
Tell me in the comments what you done for Halloween this year!

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