Our first Airbnb Experience

Brad looking moody (Sorry Bradley!!)

Being in a long distance relationship makes it easy to throw money away. Travel costs, hotels, date nights, and whatever else you want to pack into your short stay together all costs money. It was the dire reality that Brad and I had to face when we were invited to our friends wedding in York. We already knew the tricks for getting cheap travel, and we wouldn’t be doing much eating out – we simply didn’t have the time, however we did need a place to stay. We spent weeks looking at hotels that were out of our price range, wondering if we would be able to stretch our wallets that far. But when it came to it, we couldn’t afford it. All we needed was a bed for our brief visit, and Airbnb was a simple solution.

What was a desperation booking, actually became a really enjoyable new experience. Neither Brad or I had ever put ourselves into a situation quite like it. We were staying in someone else’s home for next to buttons! Our host was excellent, her name was Carol, she really went the extra mile for us, and sorted out our travel arrangements to the wedding venue which was just outside of York. We were initially just planning on getting a taxi, but she walked us to the bus stop, told us what bus we were getting and when, and then off we went with a lump-some of our pennies still in hand! Just what we needed on our budget trip!

On top of the amazing hospitality, staying in someones home is much different from staying in a hotel. Carol’s home was a homage to her love affair with travelling, decorated with the rich warm tones that you only ever imagine to see in South Asia. She even greeted us in the mornings with freshly made apple pancakes, homemade bread, and orange juice – a fantastic start to the long days we had ahead of us! The experience was much more personal. Staying in someone else’s home, although daunting at first, really enriches your experience of a town or city. Despite having a short trip , it was definitely memorable thanks to the warm welcome from our Airbnb host, Carol!

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