Wedding Days and Lunch Dates

August was a busy month to say the least. In a rare turn of events I got to spend most of my time down south with Bradley. I’ve already made a post about our time at Boomtown, and once I returned home it only took 4 days until I was back on a train down south.

Brad’s sister was getting married, so we made our way to the most amazing venue in Newark for the ceremony. Our room was so over the top, but in a good way I promise. It was like it had been lifted from my fairy tale imagination, with a canopy and curtains around the bed. There were paintings of unknown men of presumed importance on the wall and everything had baroque frames. The luxe furnishings and deep red paint added up to the perfect gothic fantasy. The night before the wedding we both ended up with food poisoning from a pub we went to down the road, but I can tell you that passing out and throwing up all over the bathroom did not ruin the fantasy that was going on in my head. Luckily for us, the wedding was late on the following day so we managed to catch up on sleep after the early breakfast and stay awake until the early hours of the morning.

Before we knew it we were back in Cambridge, and Brad was back at work. I found myself like a loyal dog – perched on a lone bar stool, in the corner of the pub until he finished his shifts every night because I wanted to make the most of our time together. We did manage to try out a new cafe called Stir that opened around the corner from his house one morning. They done an amazing lunch and much to Bradley’s delight, much of the menu was vegetarian! We will definitely be returning there on my future visits! Unfortunately this will likely be my final visit to Cambridge this year, as it is now time to go back to uni in a few weeks, so lunch dates at Stir aren’t looming in my near future!


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