I’m on MyTrendingStories!

00zero0 on mytrendingstories

Hi guys! I’m super excited to announce that I have been invited to write with MyTrendingStories, so you can look forward to seeing my content shared over there too! Not to fear though, this will remain my main blog. I’m simply opting to share my posts across two platforms!

MTS is basically a new blogging platform set up to encourage blogger interaction, and it has been created as a place to allow us to develop our skill set while learning tips and tricks towards becoming better writers! However, as the reader you will probably find that the site acts a bit more similar a news website as it brings all genre’s of writing together from political to business, sport and lifestyle and allows you to easily browse through a variety of different articles.

Hopefully I will see you guys over there too!

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6 thoughts on “I’m on MyTrendingStories!

    1. It is decent! It’s just another blogging platform that you can share your work on, you have full control over your posts too! Personally, I found it a little bit redundant having 2 blogging spaces, but it would perhaps be useful if there was something else you wanted to write about, but didn’t feel like you could introduce it to your current blog
      Hope this helps!

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