Black Moon Cosmetics Liquid Lip Review

A few months ago I came across Black Moon Cosmetics. I was drawn in by their sleek black packaging and their positive reviews. To top it all off, the brand are cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, and vegan. Now that is something for me to get excited about! I spent a few months following their social media accounts and eventually decided that I had to try these products! So I picked up both Libra and Wrath from their website.

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Libra and Wrath are described as sister colours. Libra is very much a typical nude tone, it isn’t dissimilar from other nude shades that I already own. They describe the colour on their website as “the perfect balance of beige, brown, gray, and pink.”  For me, it really is the perfect nude colour. It is the “my lips but better” colour that I have been looking for. As for Wrath, it is described as a “combination of mauve with a hint of pink and a touch of brown.” The result is a really nice grungy shade with a deep mauve payoff. This is my favourite of the two shades that I bought.

The packaging is amazing. The artwork on the box is mostly dot work and you are greeted by an array of creepy-crawlies as you open the lid (not real ones, just drawn don’t worry!). The tubes are well wrapped in black sparkly tissue and delivered with some business cards. The lipstick tubes are beautiful black gradient which exposes the products colour at the bottom. On the lid they have their BM logo with the moon. In comparison to the likes of the Jeffree Star packaging, they do feel quite cheap. The lid is much more hollow feeling, and the applicator is more like a thin long stick. However with that said, I never struggle to create an even shape for my lips and I actually really like using it. Overall, the quality of the packaging could be better, but as they are still very much an independent brand – having only launched a year ago, it is something that is very easy to forgive. At this stage, i’m more concerned about what their formula can do!

I really like the formula of this product. It has a very thick and creamy texture when you apply it, so it feels really nice on the lips. It’s not the most fast drying liquid lipstick that I have tried, as stated on the website it takes around 3-5 minutes to fully dry, however, because of the consistency it is still  wearable during this period and the product doesn’t feel like it is moving around your lips. These lipsticks are very highly highly pigmented and have great colour payoff.  Once on, the product feels so soft and moisturising. It is a really comfortable product to wear, I’ve started reaching for these on a daily basis as I enjoy wearing them so much! Throughout the day the lipstick does wear off – when you are eating or drinking for example, you will see transfer, but there isn’t any cracking or crumbling.

Overall I thoroughly enjoy these lipsticks, the packaging it is a goth gals dream and the product itself is super smooth on the lips and it is easy to apply. However, they aren’t the dream stay all day lipsticks, you will definitely need to reapply these if you are wearing them for a long period of time. Despite that Black Moon Cosmetics are definitely an independent company to get behind, and these lipsticks are becoming a staple in my lipstick collection.

Let me know your thoughts on these lipsticks in the comments!

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