Snow boots and Sun Cream

It had been 5 relatively long months since Brad had made the journey northwards to visit me, and to be honest, he couldn’t have picked a better weekend to do so! The sun has been shining and we managed to pack our weekend full of things to do.

Brad arrived late on Wednesday night, so we had all day on Thursday together (with the exception of me going to work). We headed into town early to have some lunch before we parted ways. We went to Tony Macaroni’s as it’s cheap and it’s not a long walk from where I work. I had pizza and Brad had Macaroni to keep us going until we were reunited for dinner. Brad has recently gone vegetarian, so after a wander around Tesco, trying to come up with something we would both be happy to eat. We settled on making a mushroom stroganoff. It worked out so much better than we both thought it would, and it was super simple to make! I’m even making it for my mum for dinner tonight.

The following day we decided that since we wont see each other for our anniversary, we should do something to celebrate. Instead of doing what normal couples do, and going for a nice romantic dinner and buying each other gifts, we decided it would be fun to learn how to snowboard! So we took ourselves through to Snow Factor in Braehead for our very first lesson! Between Brad falling countless times, and me being unable to make it down the hill straight, we had lots of fun. In the end, we did get the knack of it. Afterwards we headed back to the city centre to meet up with some of Brad’s friends to go to the Senser gig that night, and later go to a bar.

The following morning we woke up with aching muscles, and struggled to get out of bed. But after a bit of a lie in, we made our way into town to do some of shopping. Brad seems to get shopping anxiety and only ever wants to buy things when I am around, so he stocked up on the usual – socks, pants, incense and a new pair of shoes. It is routine for him to buy these things whenever he visits. Afterwards we went home and we had Chinese food. I have been raving about the new takeaway that has opened here, so I couldn’t let him leave without trying it!

After work on Sunday we settled down to watch Goosebumps, before parting ways on Monday. Brad left with a tan to surprise his friends back home. Who’d have expected him to come to Scotland and leave with a tan?

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