Summer Wedding Outfits 2016

It is officially wedding season, and it might be time for you to think about what you are going to be wearing. As I work in occasion wear, I tend to start thinking about these things waay too early so I’ve decided to put together this little list of dresses and accessories which might make the chore easier!


Applique Textured Dress by Whistles £236

whistles-iris-lace-dress-multicolour_medium_03 Iris Lace Dress by Whistles £208


Floral Cold Shoulder Dress by Topshop £42


Plunge Pleated Midi Dress by Topshop £85


Floral Ruffle Shift Dress by River Island, £60


Floral Cami Maxi Dress by River Island £40


The Fifties Frock – Rose Linen by Tara Starlet £85


The Fifties Frock – Tangerine Hearts by Tara Starlet £85


The Peggy Dress by Tara Starlet £85

 image1xxl2 image1xxl3 image1xxl4 image3xxl image1xxl5 image1xxl6 bonita4_redo_su2

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