Illamasqua Skin Base review

Finally I am emerging from the piles of books which have been decorating my bedroom for the past few weeks. My exams are over! I now have more free time, and nothing to stress about, so I will get back to updating this blog more regularly. Maybe even multiple times a week!

Now that i’m back, I asked on twitter what people would like to see, and you have chosen Illamasqua Skin Base foundation! The pale girls dream. In fact, the brand has such a wide range of shades that I would think that anybody could find their perfect match! The foundation retails at £32.50, which for some is a lot to drop on a foundation at once. However the longevity of this product does justify the price. I have been using the same bottle since April last year and it is yet to show signs of running out!

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I am lucky enough to have an Illamasqua stand nearby, so I visited a few times before I actually bought the foundation. Before getting colour matched by one of their lovely staff members, I kept reaching for shade 2. I knew it was too light for me, but I was in denial that for once I had came across a brand that actually made shades light enough for my skin tone! After getting matched, the best option for me was to go for shade 3.5 and add some of their white mixer to achieve the right tone for my skin. It sounds like hassle, but as someone who previously struggled to find a foundation that didn’t leave an orange tinge, it was a sacrifice I am willing to make.

The packaging is entirely plastic. The tube is pretty sturdy, and because it’s plastic you don’t need to worry too much about traveling with it or dropping it, but I do find that the plastic is quite stiff. The first time I opened it I found it quite awkward to squeeze and get the product out of. Plastic packaging maybe isn’t what you would expect from such a pricey product, but it does mean that you are paying for the actual formula and I can’t dispute that. Alongside your bottle you will get a smaller tube of mixer that you can use alongside your foundation if it’s needed.

The product is described as:

‘Blendable, medium coverage formula primes, hydrates and controls shine in one. Creating a perfect finish, this is the ultimate “skin realism” foundation.’

I wouldn’t dispute much of this. The foundation is a medium/build-able coverage, which is exactly what I was looking for. I have a lot of redness and acne scarring on my face that just couldn’t be covered entirely by concealer, and I like this because it does that job. I do think the product is very easy to blend, however, I don’t think the product is very hydrating. I have really dry skin, so I do use a lot of moisturiser to stop my face feeling tight throughout the day and I just don’t think I could wear this foundation on it’s own without my skin feeling uncomfortable. I’d recommend that this foundation is worn with a primer, I find that the skin gets pretty flakey without it. I have been using GOSH Classic Foundation Primer, but I intend to switch to Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil primer which supposedly is made to compliment the foundation really well, but I’ll keep you updated on that once I have it!

How I use it

This product is super easy to over use, so I thought it would be useful if I spared a little section describing how I like to use the product.

As mentioned previously, the first thing I do before applying this product is moisturise and prime to keep my face nice and hydrated under the foundation. Once this has settled into my face I will take my foundation and do 3-5 small dots on the back of my hand (depending on how much coverage I want.) Then mix it with a small amount of their white mixer. I apply it to the centre of my face with a real techniques expert face brush and blend outwards, using more product as needed. I like to use stippling movements as I apply because I feel like it leaves less lines on the face. Afterwards I set with a powder.

Overall I LOVE this foundation! Being a ginger gal makes it difficult to find foundations that match your skin tone well, but as this product comes with a mixer it is easy to do this. It also gives quite a strong coverage which hides any redness and scars that do not need to be hidden by a concealer. These were my main concerns while picking a new foundation. However, it certainly isn’t perfect, you do need to use it alongside a primer or it will look gross and flakey by the end of the day, but that is a small step to achieve the perfect base.

What do you think of this foundation?
Do you want to try it?

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