Talking about the Difficult things in a Relationship

I’m not a big talker. I’m not good at sharing how I feel about things, and when I do it is almost inevitable that I will cry. I’m excellent at going silent and not wanting to talk, then forgetting that something happened the next day. Being open and honest with my feelings creates a lump in my throat that is difficult for me to swallow.

The most difficult thing for me to learn to do, not only in my relationship, but just generally in my life is to be open about when I am upset. The thought of it alone makes me want to curl in a hole and never emerge ever again. While it is a slow process, I am learning to become more open, and I think that living so far from Brad has actually benefited me in this regard.

Being in a long distance relationship has put us in a situation which forces us to confront all of our feelings. It’s not as simple as being able to kiss and make up. Every time you look at your texts or sign onto Skype, you are confronted with your last messages whether they are bitter or sweet. Arguing isn’t easy to ignore.

Unsurprisingly, and rather fittingly, technology has encouraged me to tackle a huge emotional hurdle. While it is remains by no means easy, being able to pick up my phone and type out my feelings is a tiny little baby step in confronting my feelings. It gets them out there without witnessing the reaction, which can make it all a little easier. Maybe one day I’ll be able to express myself verbally, but for now, thank god for technology!

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4 thoughts on “Talking about the Difficult things in a Relationship

  1. Well said. As someone in an identical situation, I feel you. My boyfriend and I struggle with communication every day. In person, however, it’s no issue! Long distance is OK short term but after a while things just break down from sheer lack of energy to keep texting and talking, with no physical intimacy, no nice quiet times just sitting together, no reassuring smiles or fun daily activities, just staring at a screen and over thinking. For me to survive it I’ve had to numb myself and I hate every minute we’re apart. I’m glad you’re seeing the silver lining and I hope you don’t have to wait too terribly long to see each other!

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  2. I get you! We’ve been long distance for 2 years, so I know it all too well! Skype gets boring after a while. There is only so long that you can keep up the entertainment for!


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