10 things on my Mind the Night before this Visit

Last week the lovely Alexandra shared with us a blog post so good, that I had to put my own spin on it! Of course, I’m talking about her 10 things on my mind the night before post! As I am going down south to visit Bradley tomorrow I figured I would share with you just some of the things that are spinning around my head right now!

  1. Why did I plan to leave the same day that I have two essays due? Surely I could have planned this better!?
  2. Bradley will be working by the time I arrive tomorrow… do I still get to kiss him?? Is that allowed?? Would that be unprofessional?? Does that matter??
  3. How much make up is too much to take? – wait, who cares? let me just pack my whole kit.
  4.  God, I’ve gotten good at this packing malarkey! My case is practically empty!
  5. Hang on, did I remember to pack pants this time?
  6. Fuck! Where did I put our Screeching Weasel tickets!? Don’t tell me I’ve lost them! *minutes later* oh shit yeah, they are where I always keep my tickets. I best put them in my bag now!
  7. Where even is Stevenage? I have never changed there before. I know it’s only 4 platforms, but here’s hoping I don’t get lost!
  8. What time do I actually need to leave at tomorrow? I wonder if it’s quicker since the train works through to Edinburgh are finished.
  9. I definitely haven’t taken my train tickets out of my purse. *Checks they are still there anyway*
  10. Can it be tomorrow yet?
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