Candida Diaries: Taking Care of your Lady Garden

Making sure that you are looking after your vagina can be difficult. There is a lack of scientific research into many feminine hygiene products, so no one really knows what the long term effects of using them are. But here are some steps that I have picked up, that you can utilise to ensure that your lady garden flourishes all year round!

  1.   Make the switch
    Do you go to the supermarket and pick up the first box of tampons/pads that you see? Well Stop! Consider making the switch to a moon cup. These are made from medical grade silicone, and so unlike standard tampons or pads you wont be exposed to nasty chemicals like bleach or pesticides (can you believe you are putting that in your vagina?) If the thought of using a menstrual cup sends shivers up your spine try buying organic products. My favourites are Cottons which you can pick up from Boots!
  2. Save Soap
    Most soaps are not suitable for use on your vagina. A healthy vagina has a PH of around 3.5-4.5 however soap can have a PH of over 8, so it can knock you completely off. Don’t worry though, your vagina knows how to clean itself! All you need to do is wash in and around the nooks and crannies with your hands and some water! If you are concerned about smell rub your soaps and smelly goodies on your thighs!
  3. Hoard Cotton Panties
    Your underwear doesn’t need to be sexy all the time. Cotton is much more absorbent than most other underwear materials, so whether your surprised by your period or if it’s a really warm day outside, they do a much better job at keeping the area dry.
  4.  Say Goodbye to your Skinnies
    I must admit, I am a slave to my skinny jeans. I just can’t get rid of them! Tight fitting clothing like tights and jeans make for sweaty environments which can lead to infections. So if you are brave, unlike me, you can switch things up and wear dresses or skirts. Did you know crotchless tights are a thing?
  5. Stay Safe
    A lot of sexual health products contain really harsh chemicals that your vagina might react to. Both lubricants and condoms frequently contain glycerin which is a sugar that can encourage yeast to grow. Try Sir Richards  chemical free condoms and coconut oil as lube (trust me!)

These are my essentials to keeping my vaginal health flourishing, but I’m sure you lot have more! Comment below and let me know of your favourite tips and tricks to keep your lady garden in good condition!

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