How we Met…

I’m no stranger to keeping my blog updated with my latest visits to see Bradley, and occasionally give advice or recommendations for other couples in long distance relationships, but never once have I mentioned how Brad and I met! So I figured it’s time for you get to know us a little bit better. Let me tell you the story of how we became a couple!

In short, we met on Tumblr. We had been following each other for a few years (or so it seemed) and kept ourselves to ourselves for the best part, and exchanged a few messages on the rare occasion. I think our first conversation was about art, but Bradley doesn’t remember it. For the best part we just got on with our own lives, it didn’t seem like this was two worlds colliding, and I doubt Bradley felt that way either. Months had passed (maybe even a year) and Bradley commented on a picture I uploaded. – For additional cringey details, I will add that under the picture I had sarcastically typed “lol I need a boyfriend”, and Brad responded “where do I apply?” – things got pretty flirty after that, and it wasn’t long before we had taken to Skype to meet. We would video chat more or less every other night, and then in a little over a month Brad was adamant that we had to meet and got himself on a train all the way up to Scotland to meet me!

I remember the day we first met in person perfectly. The nervous butterflies, the worrying, the excitement. It’s a really odd mixture of emotions to feel at the same time, but it felt amazing. There was always the worry looming in the back of my mind that this person wasn’t real, or they weren’t who they said they were, but the excitement of finally being together was all that I needed to carry me through. When I got off my train, I could see a blonde spike wandering through the crowd and I knew instantly that it was him. As soon as I got through the gates I screamed his name and dived into his arms. It was like something out of a movie, except our backdrop was WH Smith and there were swarms of commuters brushing past us. But even then, in that moment it felt like it was just us. We were finally together and that was all that mattered! After we had acquainted we set off to lay around in a park with our hands awkwardly fumbling around as we fought to establish the most comfortable position. Ever since then we have been a couple.

Up until the day we met we had always been hesitant to say we were a couple. Neither of us wanted to commit to the title while we doubted if the other person existed, but as soon as we met we knew we were a couple. Brad made a big speech to me the night before he left while we were sat in the Glasgow Necropolis under the statue of John Knox, and I guess that was when he “formally” asked me if I wanted to be with him. But we always knew we were a couple, he didn’t really even need to ask.

punk long distance relationship
The very first picture we ever took


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13 thoughts on “How we Met…

  1. I had the same with my boyfriend! We never actually said that we were a couple so I can totally relate to that one. Omg, and the fear that maybe this person isn’t really who they say they are, sooooo true. I was also very afraid that there wouldn’t be that connection in person between my boyfriend and I. It’s one thing to have it online but what if you go visit and it’s totally not there. Wish you and Your man the best of luck though ! πŸ™‚

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