Candida Diaries: One Month In…

I just wanted to give everyone a really quick little update on my 6 month long course of fluconazole treatment. Don’t worry though, I have nothing to rant about! In fact, this month is the first month in two whole years that I have not suffered from vaginal itching!! This actually feels like a miracle! After two years of recurrent bouts of thrush I was sceptical that that this would even work, never mind have such quick effects. But alas, it has been well over a week since my period ended and there is no sign of thrush (as I’m sure I probably stated in my previous post here, my yeast infections always follow my period). I couldn’t be more pleased with my progress so far!

If things continue this way, then I am unlikely to document my progress on my monthly basis. After all, there is only so many ways I can say that it’s going well. Instead, I will give an overall review at the end of the process. Until then I have a few tips and tricks that I can share with you in this series!

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