Our Valentines Weekend

We hadn’t really planned to be together for Valentines day, but it just so happened that a month ago I was browsing the Virgin East Coast website and found some cheap train tickets that would get me to my love to celebrate valentines day.

We really only had two days together, but they were two days we otherwise wouldn’t have. This was our second Valentines day as a couple, but as we agreed not to celebrate it last year, this was my first ever Valentines day!… or as it happened, Valentines weekend.

On the Saturday we went shopping and I bagged a new Fred Perry polo shirt out of TK Maxx, and eventually as we were headed home we stopped in at the bowling for a few rounds. On Sunday we exchanged our gifts and then headed out for our Valentines lunch at Cambridge’s own Smokeworks, which is a BBQ joint just around from the Lions Yard shopping centre. We both had burgers and milkshakes which were delicious! And we got a number of meat infused sides. If you are a meat lover, you definitely must hit this spot! We had a delicious meal and would definitely return.

This all brings me to now. The time of writing. I am sat on the train heading back up north. See you again in April, Bradley!






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