Our stay in Citizen M

Brad’s birthday was approaching and I had been scrambling around for something fun to do. We already had tickets to see Henry Rollins so I thought that a visit to Citizen M would be a nice little treat for afterwards, and that it was! We both wanted to visit this chain for quite a while so it was nice to surprise Bradley with an overnight stay here.

Citizen MΒ is without a doubt the most trendy hotel that I have ever stepped foot in. On our arrival we were greeted by a member of staff at the reception and used the electronic check-in to activate our keys. Don’t worry, even if you are a complete technophobe, the electronic check in in super easy – all you need to remember is your name!

To the right of the foyer is a giant living room (a living room in a hotel?, trust me it was amazing) – the room was packed with comfy seats and had a small area where you could grab some snacks. After retreating up the spiral staircase we found the bar area, unfortunately we didn’t have the time to have drinks, so we just had a little bit of a wander around. It was decorated with low hanging lights, and large sitting spaces which is ideal if you are with a group. We never realized until after we had left, but if you sign up as a “citizen” prior to booking you get 2 free drinks from the bar, as well as other privileges such as free cancellation and a lower rate for your booking.


Moving on to our room. The rooms are relatively small, but provided we were only staying overnight it was ideal. Taking that into consideration you might not opt for a Citizen M hotel anywhere that you plan on spending more than a long weekend in. Despite that, I have never encountered anything quite like a Citizen M room. Even the basics go beyond what you would expect from any hotel experience. The room is lit by the wall-to-wall to window, which the bed is placed in front of; the beds are massive (bigger than my bedroom!… I do have a tiny room) they describe them as “XL king sized” which to me would be the equivalent of 2 double beds if they were pushed together. The bathrooms were frosted glass pods with an amazing waterfall shower and it was lit by mood lighting of your choice. It sounds great already right? But there is one special little addition which makes the experience all the more insane. Everything was controlled by a tablet placed at the side of your bed! Absolutely everything! The tablet allowed you to pick from a range of free movies to watch on the TV above your bed; it provided a range of music; you could play with the blinds and play with the mood lighting! It was awe inspiring.

Overall our visit to the Citizen M hotel was well worth while. Absolutely everything we could have wanted was provided to us in our room. We even had a few extra bonus gadgets which we had loads of fun playing around with. The hotel is definitely geared towards couples, but it did seem to attract a number of people on business visits as well. It is the perfect option for anyone looking for something a different from your run of the mill hotel chain, as the hotel adds a flavour of modern luxury to everything that it provides.


Have you stayed in a Citizen M Hotel before?
Let me know in the comments!


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