Top Tips for Finding your Perfect Occasion Dress

It’s all about to begin. You guessed it! Weddings, Proms, and shortly after Balls!  No matter what event you have coming up you are going to want to find the perfect dress for the occasion! I am here with a few essential tips for making sure you find the perfect dress for you!

  1. Try on Everything!
    When you begin your hunt for the perfect gown, you should be reaching for as many different styles as you can see. This really helps to bring to light what sorts of styles you like on yourself. Even if you don’t find your perfect dress at this stage, you will almost definitely start to get an idea of what sort of shapes and styles of dress that you are looking for.
  2. Bring Shape Wear
    If you intend on wearing something to make your curves look a little more flattering under your dress, make sure to bring it with you while trying on. If you are lucky the shop you are in might also sell some shape wear which you can try on while in the fitting rooms with your dress! This will help to give you a better idea of what the dress will look like on the night.
  3. Plan for Alterations.
    So many women expect to go dress shopping and find their dream dress that fits them perfectly in every aspect. In reality it doesn’t happen like this. More often than not the dress you buy will need some sort of alterations. Whether that be for the length or having the shoulders lifted, they are all common problems that you may encounter while finding the dress that is right for you!
  4. The Right Length
    If you are buying a floor length dress the chances are that there is going to be some sort of problem with the length. Once you’ve got your heels on (or your flats if you prefer) the trick to judging whether a dress is too long is whether your foot shows as you walk. If it doesn’t, then you need to pay a visit to your local seamstress! On the other hand, if you are tall, you will want your dress to be resting lightly on the floor. Your shoes should not be on show.
  5. The Right Size
    Sometimes it takes a little more than being drowned out in something to realise that a garment is too big. It can be useful to have someone on hand to help you with this (if you don’t, don’t worry, ask a shop assistant instead, it’s what they are there for!). Check that someone can’t fit a hand down the back of your dress. If they can, try a size smaller! Additionally, if the dress isn’t a stretchy material don’t be afraid to give it a bit of a tug at the front or back, the material shouldn’t lift too far off your skin. In contrast, if the dress is too small usually there will be some lumping along the line of the zip.
  6. Sales!
    Everyone wants to save themselves a little bit of money from time to time. As of mid to late June most department stores will begin reducing their occasion departments just as prom season finishes, then prices will drop and new lines will be added to the sale during August.  If late June is too late for you and you have missed the January sales, more often than not Department Stores will run periodical promotions, be on the lookout for them!
  7. And Lastly… Breathe.
    Hopefully you haven’t left this so last minute that it is the night before your event and you are frantically running to the store before it closes hoping to find something satisfactory! (There isn’t anything more stressful!) Take your time, think about whether the dress you have found is definitely the dress for you. Don’t be afraid to ask to put the dress aside and pop back the next day if you have decided it is the one for you!

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