Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

And so the first of my Christmas gifts falls under scrutiny! It’s been two weeks since Christmas day and I have been wearing Jeffree Stars liquid lipsticks in the shades Celebrity Skin and Unicorn Blood almost religiously. These were a gift from my mum but as she is a complete technophobe I was able to order them for myself from Cocktail Cosmetics. I had been really reluctant about these products because the name Jeffree Star alone was enough to give me some morbid flashbacks to my scene kid phase. But the lipsticks are unavoidable online so I figured it was about time to try them for myself.


As you would expect from Jeffree Star the packaging of the lipsticks is very pink, and unsurprisingly covered in stars with J’s inside of them. Literally exactly as you would expect. The tubes feel very sturdy with a clear container so that you can see the lipstick shade. It also has a doe-foot applicator which has a slight curve in the foot so that it can skim easily over your lips.

I picked the shade Celebrity Skin simply because it was a natural shade and quite a few of my friends had recommended it. Online the colour reminded me of Illamasqua‘s lipstick in Bare – this is one of my go to everyday shades, so what’s not to love! Comparing them both next to each other though, you can see that Celebrity skin is more of a cold toned brown. As for Unicorn Blood, I had been searching for the ideal deep red and online this looked perfect! When I first swatched the lipstick I thought it was a little bit darker than I was looking for, however after applying it to my lips it didn’t take me long to realise that this was actually the perfect shade I wanted!


The first thing I noticed when I opened these lipsticks was the smell – for whatever reason it makes me think of the dentist and rootbeer. Both things that I enjoy (well… the dentist to a limited extent – I don’t hate it). The consistency of these lipsticks is quite thick, but it is needed so as to have the perfect matte coverage that the lipsticks provide. All you need is one quick swatch over your lips to achieve the right colour! They dry really quickly but most importantly they don’t dry out your lips harshly, so you wouldn’t need to think about applying a balm before hand. As with all liquid lipsticks you should use a lip scrub before applying this lipstick as it really does emphasize any dry skin over your lips.

These lipsticks last amazingly. They have managed to stay on my lips through Christmas dinners, long days at work and drinking sessions. I definitely plan on buying a few more shades from this range – Posh Spice and Androgyny are on my list to look out for! Overall I think I have found my new favourite lipstick brand, I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future. I am more than impressed.

Have you tried any of Jeffree Stars Liquid Lipsticks?
Are there any shades that you have your eye on?
Let me know in the comments below!


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