Digital Tools all LDR couples must know about

First of all I ought to wish you all a happy new year, I hope we all get the good things we deserve in 2016! I also want to thank you guys for helping my blog reach over 1,000 views in the short few months that I have been blogging, it is amazing and greatly appreciated! Second, is my blog post today. This post took SUCH a long time to write mostly due to the laziness of Brad and I, but alas! It is here to advise you of all the worthwhile tools to use with your partner. So let’s get into it!

We all know of the hardships of finding something new and interesting to do with your partner while you are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. It can get a little boring and repetitive. But luckily for you, Brad and I have been seeking out the best apps and websites which do that little bit extra to make the distance easier. There are thousands of options out there, but here are some of the most innovative and distinct tools to keep you connected to your partner!

1. Couple


Couple was the very first app we tried out. It connects you directly to your significant other, and you interact over a basic messaging service. Much like facebook messenger you can share photos, video clips and cute stickers. But for us, what really set the app apart was the “thumb kiss” tool. This saves you from cringely kissing your webcam (let’s face it, the only people that think that is acceptable are those of us in an LDR), and instead you can get the fuzzies in your tummy by touching each others finger print on the screen. A second tool which sets this apart from other apps is the “thinking of you” button. It is a super easy way to let your significant other know that they are on your mind. Couple also has a fun drawing tool that lets you both contribute to a shared calendar and lists. It is a genuinely enjoyable and easy to use app while you are on the go.



Rabbit totally and completely the resolves the problem of movie night. We’ve all been there. Sitting on skype trying to press play at the exact same time; trying to juggle the volume so that you can hear both your loved one, and also the movie. It’s a nightmare. Rabbit is a video tool which allows you watch movies from netflix, hulu, youtube, you name it – while on webcam. It works by sharing the screen between everyone in the group. One of you controls the remote, and you can each toggle the volume to suit and all the hard work is done! We even found that any time the movie paused, we both encountered it, so we were never out of sync. Movie night has never been so easy!

3. Couplete


Couplete is somewhat similar to Couple, except it doesn’t have as much of a chat room vibe. When you open the app you can set a little background image that you both share and it has an adorable counter feature that lets you know how many days you have been together (i’m a sucker for things like that). In comparison to Couple I would describe this app as more “photo friendly” it allows you both to share photo albums and document a to-do list with pictures. Another sweet feature of this app is that it allows you to send cute love letters to your partner. This app is what you need if you are looking for some added cute to your relationship.

4. Pillow Talk


This one comes untested, but it is a fantastic idea nonetheless! Pillow Talk was designed as a set of wristbands which pick up your heartbeat and shares it with your partner via a compact speaker which fits under your pillow. Your heartbeat is transmitted by an app on your phone. This is something which Brad and I would LOVE to try out, so hopefully sometime in the future we will manage to get our hands on some!

For those of you who are interested Pillow Talk is set to be released in May 2016, but according to their website it may even be sooner!

5. Viber


Viber is a handy app if you live in different countries. As Brad and I are both British (He’s English, and I’m Scottish)  it’s not something we would typically use, but we both agreed it could come in handy if one of us travels abroad. Viber allows you to make free phone calls and video calls. Obviously the quality of this varies depending on your internet connection, also you would likely need a large data package to avoid hefty fees when calling while you’re not using wifi. However a lot of places do offer free wifi connection so it’s useful to have while you are on the go and want to squish in a little time with your partner!

6. Online RPG

This is an option which I had been avoiding like the plague because I am not a big gamer and I thought all of the games that Brad was suggesting sounded really nerdy and boring. However my little cousin convinced me to download Minecraft and literally seconds after I was so delighted with the game that Brad decided to buy it for me and we have played it pretty much daily since then. Role playing games are a really fun way to connect with your partner, and gives you something to look forward to when conversation is dry. As they say, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


What tools do you use to keep in contact with your partner?
Leave me a message below to let me
know your favourites!


8 thoughts on “Digital Tools all LDR couples must know about

    1. We tried out love byte, but weren’t too keen!
      We use Skype all the time! But since it’s so popular we decided not to include it so that we could have some more apps that are perhaps less commonly known!
      I’ve not tried out Kakaotalk though, what kind of app is it?


  1. Same here! The application is not working well. So, we use Kakaotalk and Skype.
    Kakaotak is a free mobile Instant messaging application. It’s similar with the viber but this application is common for Koreans.

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  2. Thanks for posting these resources. I really wanna try rabbit! Me and my BF are always counting down and saying go to play a movie at the same time lol smh

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  3. I must quote you: “cringely kissing your webcam (let’s face it, the only people that think that is acceptable are those of us in an LDR)”.
    Now that most deffinitley made me smile and chuckle because its so true, and I’ve never seen it that way. Which now I do. Well it does seem like a normal thing, doesn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

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