The Gifts I Gave

I don’t know about you, but my favourite part of Christmas is buying and giving gifts. This year, instead of buying little bits and bobs I decided to buy experiences! Itison has been my go to for gifts this year. Itison, is essentially a localised version of Groupon which covers all the major Scottish cities, and also Newcastle in the south. It is an amazing way to pick up some cheap tickets for local shows, meals or days out, so it’s pretty easy to understand why this was my first stop for Christmas presents for my family.

For the Parents

I figured it was time to give my parents a break. All too often I will jump on the holiday band wagon whenever they go abroad (they can’t experience exotic destinations without me… surely that’s not allowed). So, I bagged them a trip to Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen. It came with a 3 course meal; a breakfast; bottle of wine; and discounted spa treatments. What better way to make sure that your parents are taken good care of? Plus (and this was the real breaking point) the hotel is dog friendly! Nala can join them and enjoy long walks on the nearby beach.

Ardoe House Hotel

For my Brother

My brother is the hardest person to buy for. Despite living in neighbouring bedrooms – we rarely talk to each other. But, one way to always win someone over is to buy them food! So I bought him and his girlfriend a meal at Bo’Vine.  So long as the food lives up to the standard of the reviews, then I’m sure that this gift will be appreciated.

Bo’Vine Restaurant

For my Boyfriend

I struggled this year to come up with ideas for Bradley. I usually get loads of ideas from walking around the shops in Glasgow, but it had been six months since he last visited and we were giving each other our gifts before Christmas! Luckily, Rock’n’Roll Tattoo came to my rescue with their 50% off gift vouchers offer throughout December! Brad is that guy with a million and one tattoo ideas, so I figured nothing could be nicer than getting tattoo’d by one of Glasgow’s finest tattoo artists.

For my Grandparents

By time I got round to buying presents for Grandparents money was getting tight, so for my Gran (my dad’s mum) I bought her a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle of the Queen. My gran loves the queen, and when I was a kid my gran and papa would keep me occupied with all sorts of puzzle games. Now I’m returning the favour!

Gibsons The Longest Reign Jigsaw Puzzle

For my Mum’s mum, I bought her the Lavender Selection Box from the Garden Collection. The packaging is so lovely and delicate looking, it makes for a nice little gift to give to any woman in your life.

The Garden Collections Lavender Selection Box Gift Set

What gifts did you give this Christmas?


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