Review: Lunatick Cosmetics

Lunatick Cosmetics are a brand that I had been lusting over for a long, long time.  Their products have the most amazing packaging ranging from bullet shaped lipsticks to coffin shaped eye palettes – what’s not to lust over? I finally found them from CutECOsmetics which meant that I didn’t need to worry about costly shipping and dived straight into buying a few products! For the past few weeks I have been testing their Mystifying Mattifying pressed power and RPG Apocalipstick.

RPG Apocalipstick

I was excited about this lipstick because it is relatively similar looking to Lime Crime’s Cashmere – only more cold toned. I loved the shade of Cashmere so I figured this would be a nice little addition to my collection. Plus the bullet shaped tube makes my make-up collection look that bit more badass. However, I’m not that impressed by the lipstick itself. The colour is perfect, and the texture is nice, with a satin finish, but it isn’t very long lasting. I hate reapplying my lipstick. For the best part, when I am out of the house, I wont do it. That alone is enough for me not to purchase a product again. In fact, since I bought the lipstick (about a month ago) I have worn it maybe twice. For that reason I wouldn’t recommend this lipstick, despite it’s interesting packaging it didn’t live up to my hopes.

Mystifying Mattifying

Lunatick Cosmetics Mystifying Mattifying
Mystifying Mattifying Pressed Powder

The packaging of this is even cooler than that of the lipstick. It is shaped as a ouiji board planchette (y’know that little heart shaped piece of wood that moves over the letters?), and it is set with a compact little mirror on the front, which always comes in handy. This was my first time using a translucent powder for my face, and it does as it says. It is perfect for mattifying your look – everything from your lipstick to your eyeshadow, and your foundation. However, I don’t think that translucent powder is for me. I feel like adding that extra layer onto your foundation helps to make the colour that bit thicker and hide your blemishes. I have lots of acne scarring and redness in my skin, so I feel I need coloured powders to aid covering my imperfections to an extent that I am comfortable. For that reason I will probably be keeping this power for exclusive use over my lipsticks and shimmer eye shadows. Otherwise, if you have better skin than me, and have less blemishes that you wish to cover then this could be the perfect setting powder for you!


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