Early Merry Christmas

This is the second festive period that Brad and I have been able to spend together, and it is becoming a bit of a tradition that we have our own little Christmas gift-giving before Christmas day, and we’ll spend a few days together doing Christmas-y things.

Our first full day together was Thursday. We didn’t do anything typically exciting other than traipsing around the shops trying to find some gifts for our families. We made the customary stop at the Christmas market, trying cheeses and scoffing our face with Chinese food (I know, nothing screams Christmas more than Chinese.) House of Frasers during winter is also another necessity for visitors to Glasgow. There is no other department store in Glasgow that screams Christmas time quite like Frasers.

Friday, was the day that I had been looking forward to the most. Burlesque Ball was back in town and it was time to don my brightest red lippy, curl my tresses and slip on my new Collectif Yvonne Hanna number. Before the show we went to Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn for food and drinks. I discovered what is now my favourite cocktail – the Caucasian, it tastes like winter with a sweet combination of cinnamon and honey alongside the alcoholic goodness of tequila and vodka. The Kitsch Inn is the Thai restaurant above the tiki bar which offers excellent value for money. We scored two courses for £13.95 each and by the end we were so full we couldn’t even finish our mains! Brad had Chicken with Chilli Jam. I had a bite and that’s what I would likely order if/when we return. It was packed with delicious flavour and just the right amount of spicy for me – however, Brad was struggling with the spice. I had Massaman beef curry which was lovely – just what you would expect from a Thai curry.

Post Burlesque Ball

The following day we struggled our way out bed and went ice skating in George Square. It was something that we had planned to do last year, but never got round to it. By the time we got into town the skating was packed, which I personally hate. I would have preferred to have went much much earlier than we went, but it was still enjoyable watching drunk old men attempting to stoat around the rink while I got to hold hands with Bradley.

On Sunday I had to get up early to work, but afterwards I gladly crawled back into bed for a movie night and we attempted to give each other our first tarot readings. Neither of us seem to have particularly lucky futures ahead.

Monday was Brad’s day to go home. He booked himself on an early train so that he could make it home in time to go to work. But after an hour of waiting in Edinburgh his train got cancelled, and he had an hour and a half of waiting to do until he could finally get a train back to Cambridge, so we gave the markets in Edinburgh a visit! The scale of the winter markets in Edinburgh is huge in comparison to Glasgow so we only got to look around a rather small selection of stalls before Brad had to run to catch his train. I definitely want to drag Brad back next year though so that we get to experience it properly and hopefully in better weather too!

Brad at the Winter Market in Edinburgh


What are you doing to get into the festive spirit?


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