War Hungry Fascists

Once again, my political posts come in form of late night ramblings. But, is there really a better time to do it than just a few hours after the outcome in Westminster?

The tories won with 397 votes compared to just 223 on the side of the opposition. But is this really surprising? My answer is no.
Democracy has been practised unevenly in Westminster. The Conservative party members were whipped. The decision was essentially made for many of them. The Tories were the party of war. While, on the other hand we had labour – a very split party, with Corbyn reluctant to bind people to voting in a certain manner, because if high numbers voted against him, it would show his weakness as leader. Ultimately however, we must applaud Corbyn for allowing autonomy in such large parliamentary decisions, while Cameron stands as leader in his school yard posse.

Democracy in Westminster is questionable. Parties are so determined to be seen as strong leaders that they are willing to override the opinions of the constituents who elected them. In this case in particular the purpose of democracy has been entirely overridden. In it’s place we have a league of war hungry fascists screaming for the survival of western imperialism. As Salmond said, bombing Syria is nothing but a tactic to avoid forming a strategy. It is a statement which is entirely true. Bombing Syria and harming citizens is senseless and fosters a new wave of extremist thinkers. The outcome of the vote tonight has very little regard for the long term effects to the Syrian nation.

UPDATE: The first bombs have dropped in an oil rich area of Syria, which does nothing but prove that we have embarked on yet another quest for Western Imperialism.


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