2015 Cruelty Free Christmas Wish List

Like many people, cruelty free beauty products are forever growing in importance when it comes to finding my perfect beauty products. Luckily the cruelty free market seems to be expanding like no other, which is why I wanted to put together this list of products that I can’t stop yearning over!

Lunatick Contour Palette

Lunatick Contour
This to me looks like the holy grail of all contour palettes. The packaging alone makes this a spooky girl essential, but better yet is the plethora of cool tones. I am ginger with really pale, red toned skin so having the blue toned browns will really help to even the red/blush tones out, and deepen my contour. The palette is made for mixing which is why there is a range of very unusual contour tones in there.

Available From: Lunatick Costmetics $74 | CutECOsmetics £49.95

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Hoe Hoe Hoe
Jeffree Star Hoe Hoe Hoe
I would be happy with a number of Jeffree Star lipsticks, they get such good reviews and have a wide range of colours (including greens and blues), it’s hard not to find something you’d like to try from this brand! I picked out Hoe Hoe Hoe because it is a classic deep red, but there seems to be some glitter through the liquid to give it some Christmas sparkle!

Available From: Jeffree Star $18 |  Cocktail Cosmetics £14

Illamasqua Loose Setting Powder

Illamasqua loose powder
As a pale girl Illamasqua have completely soothed the ache of finding a foundation that matches my skin tone with their Skin Base foundation, which is why I am so keen to try their loose setting powder. It is translucent so you don’t need to worry about it matching your skin tone, and completely mattifys your look.

Available From: Illamasqua £24.50

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

real techniques expert face brush
There have been raving reviews about Real Techniques brushes, and I keep telling myself it is time to try one out (I never manage to convince myself though). I’ve picked out the Expert Face Brush simply because the foundation I use (Illamasqua Skin Base) goes on pretty thick – you don’t need a lot of it to cover your face. This brush would just ease the application that little bit extra.

Available From: Real Techniques $9 | Superdrug £8.99

Zoeva En Taupe Palette
For the eyes I’ve decided to go for something a little bit different for me. Zoeva’s En Taupe palette is packed with uplifting natural shades, which i’m interested in because most of my eye shadow palettes consist of really heavy, dark shades. Zoeva have been receiving some great reviews for making super pigmented palettes  which is exactly what you need to make your look last!

Available From: Zoeva €17.50 | Bay Beauty £15.50


What are you lusting for this Christmas?
Let me know down below!


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