Halloween Visit!

Bradley visited for Halloween. I originally planned to have this post filled with spooky outings but in keeping with true Bradley and Sarah style, we didn’t do any of it and spent our time cuddling instead.

It was  a short stay. He was only really here from Thursday until Sunday morning before I went to work, so we only had time to do the essential things (i.e. dinner with my family for my dads birthday, and last minute shopping for birthday presents). We made our usual stop to the cinema to see Martian which actually turned out to be better than I was anticipating – purely because I thought he would die and I would be crying in the cinema (Spoiler, oops!). Afterwards we were supposed to head to a Halloween party but on our walk home we found a lost dog and decided not to go so that we could get the dog home.

As usual, we done absolutely nothing, but everything at the same time.

long distance relationship, make up, drag
After very little convincing, Brad let me do his make-up! Check those cheekbones tho
lost dog
Our lost little puppy friend!

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