Primark PJ Set

I’m not usually one to faff over jammies. Infact, I usually only ever get new ones as Christmas presents. But after a recent visit to Primark I felt like I had caught on to a useful bargain that I just had to share. This would be a cute little christmas present, or if like me you find yourself travelling a lot, it’s handy to have a little set of jammies set aside to shove into your bag whenever you need it.

Now, unfortunately this wasn’t bought as an actual set, but it easy enough, and affordable enough to do yourself! The little bunny pyjama bag was £3.50, and it is surprisingly big. It fits both my pyjamas (£11) and the hot water bottle (£6) with some space to spare. You could fit a pair of fluffy socks in there for the coming winter months.

This will be perfect for my visits to see Bradley.

What do you think? Would you like this as a Christmas gift?


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