Travel Diary: Ljubljana Days 4-7

Day 4

Another easy day. We had originally planned to visit Lake Bled today but the weather was rubbish so instead we done our shopping. We started at the market which largely had fruit stalls, and people selling bizarre meats like bear salami. Then we found a great alternative shop called Lwghs or Lughs as I have been calling it which had 50% off everything because it is due for closure. I picked up a few Disturbia pieces for super cheap. I also picked up some nice undies from intimissi who provided an excellent service had an endless supply of bras for me try.
After our shopping was done we got on the tourist train that takes you up to the castle. It isn’t a long journey, just 30 minutes there and back, but worthwhile for the views of the city. That night we went to Cafe Romeo, it serves majoritively Mexican style food, but that have all sorts thrown in alongside it. I had noodles and Brad had a burrito and a crepe for dessert. If you are looking for somewhere a bit more modern to eat during your stay here I would definitely recommend this place, for its cool interior and delicious food.

Cityscape from the castle

Day 5

We finally went to Bled! We decided to have quite an early start but as it was a Sunday we weren’t able to get a bus until 12. It cost €15 for both of us and for whatever reason we could only get a single. The bus took just slightly over an hour passing through Kranj and Lesce and had mountainous views all the way. The bus dropped us off right next to the lake and that was immediately were we headed! We had a browse around some stalls before heading over to rent a boat to row over to Bled Island. That took up the majority of the day, as I can’t say rowing is Brads strongest point. But once we got to the Island we stopped for our first taste of Slovenian wine and had some traditional cake. You could also go into the Chapel for a cost, but we decided to just make the most of the sun and walk around the little island. Once we got back to land, we found a little spot amongst the trees were we could dip our feet into the lake, from there we had a view of the chapel. It was the cutest. By half 5 we were headed back to Ljubljana in a taxi put on with a few other tourists. It actually worked out to be a few euros cheaper than the bus, and the journey in itself was only half an hour. That night we went to a traditional Slovenian restaurant and had Ljubljana steak… we thought we would be getting a decent bit of meat, but it turned out to be something very similar to chicken kievs. Delicious nonetheless.

We were surprised that we managed to dock the boat
Cake and wine on Bled Island
Ljubljana “”steak””

Day 6

Our last full day was spent pedaling around the city, we followed the lake down to a little cafe and splurged a little (alot actually) in a trick shop we found. It sold everything from board games to pyro equipment. Our food was particularly good that day. I had a carbonara for lunch and that night we went to a fancy, expensive restaurant were I had veal and wine, and fed a cute cat. Then we headed to a desert shop called Cacao which we passed every night as we walked along the river back to our hostel. I had some chocolate cake and Brad had a banana split. It was pretty clear why it was always so busy in there. Brad also bought me flowers from a cute little old lady while we were eating.





We had enough time in the morning to go out for breakfast. We stopped at divine for some toasties then headed back to the trick shop. Brad completed his puzzle and wanted another for the flight. And just before we left we visited Saint Francisis Church of Annunciation. We didn’t realise we could actually go in, so it was a bit of a flying visit but we had long enough to admire the beauty of the building before our flight.

Saint Francisis Church of Annunciation



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