Travel Diary: Ljubjana Days 1-3


We had a pretty easy flight here (although Brad might say otherwise as he hates flying.) Upon arrival we were amazed by the beautiful mountains which surround the city, that was definitely not on our list of things to expect! We had an amazing view while landing and even the scenes as you walked out of the airport were fantastic.
We then jumped in a taxi for a 30 minute ride to Hostel Celica where we are staying. The journey cost €40 which isn’t quite £30. Once we got to our hostel and found our room, we took our time getting settled in. We took a walk around the building as the local punk venue is right next door and it is littered in amazing graffiti and sculptures – the whole area is! We then headed into the centre for our first meal of the trip at an Italian restaurant called Most by the river. We shared a buffalo cheese starter and then had a tagliatelle each. Both were delicious and an excellent pick for our first night! Afterwards we headed back to the hostel to watch the band that were playing while Brad made his way through all the beers available to him before heading to bed.

The views as we drove out of the airport


Our Room

Day 1

We decided we would have another easy day today. We wandered the streets getting to know the city. Ljubljana is pretty small so it felt easy enough to get your bearings. We had lunch in a little cafe outside The Church of St Nicholas which we found to be really cheap, costing only €8 for two panini’s and a coke each. We took the opportunity to explore the magnificent church before exploring the shops and finding what is perhaps the best record shop in Ljubljana which sat in front of the river. Brad came out with 3 vinyls. Afterwards we wandered back towards the hostel for €2.90 burgers, where we lounged for a while before deciding to go for a night time stroll into the centre. The vibe of the city was completely different. On every corner there was music, we stumbled across a folk band that we watched until we were tired.


Church of St Nicholas


Day 2

Today we purchased a tourist card which gives us access to pretty much everything that you would want to in the city. Our first stop was Ljubljana Castle. Stupidly we walked right passed the train which takes you to the castle and walked our way up the hill (would not recommend.) Much of it has been renovated and modernised which was a little disappointing. But, being Scottish, maybe I am too used to well preserved castles. It was interesting nonetheless. They had an exhibition called the Barbarism of Torture which Brad and I had both been looking forward to. They had pretty much every medieval torture device imaginable.  There was also an amazing view of the city from the tower. Afterwards we decided to go on a boat tour which was really informative and gave some great views of the city.   definitely worthwhile. To end the night, we checked out a German band called Defenders of the Universe in a little venue behind our hostel called Jalla Jalla. They dubbed themselves as street punk rap. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds.


View from the Castle tower


Defenders of the Universe @ Jalla Jalla

Day 3

On Friday, we decided to spend our morning at Ljubljana Zoo. We used our tourist card to catch the bus which dropped us off directly outside the entrance. While we were there we say monkeys touching butts and camels drinking each others pee. It definitely provided a couple of hours of entertainment. Once we returned back to the centre we went to Fany & Mary’s for pizza and cocktails, then headed back to Metelkova to see The Interrupters play in Gala Hala! It was a really good show and the venue was like a hot box, Brad and I both managed to get a plectrum each. The Interrupters are definitely a must-see band. Last Gang had them playing at Boomtown and each time I have saw them they have been fantastic!

Aviary Photo_130865259032876515

Days 4-7 still to come; Look out for my Photo Diary!


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