Travel Favourites

Brad and I are about to embark on a trip to Ljubljana to do some exploring in a new city. At this moment I am currently packing and I thought I’d share a few of my favourite travel items that I have picked up over the past few months.


Having such pale skin, the first thing I need to remember when I even begin to consider travelling outside of the UK is sun cream! I recently bought Ambre Solaire Dry Mist and tested it out while I was at Boomtown Fair. It has a spray nosel making it super easy to use, and as soon as it was applied I was amazed by how non-greasy it was. It dried into my skin instantly. This is perfect if like me you need to reapply every couple hours!

With sun cream comes after sun! It is really important to keep your skin moisturised as it minimises any damage caused by the suns rays. Use it nightly and keep your skin feeling fresh. I just bought Tesco Soliel Suncare. Afterall, I am a student, and £1.50 is a bargain that I just can’t resist.

Sure compressed deodorant aims to last as long as their larger sprays but it’s in a smaller container. This saves a bit of space and makes it simple to cram more into your toiletry bag.


Waterproof mascara is always an essential when travelling to warm/humid temperatures. Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour was a second product that I picked up and tested at Boomtown. Through the rain on arrival, the heat on the last couple of days, or dancing in sweaty crowds there was no sign of panda eyes! This will be the perfect make-up companion to survive the heat of mainland Europe.

Helping your make-up to survive in heat is always a challenge. For that reason, I am including Gosh Classic Foundation Primer which can be used to either supplement or replace your daily moisturiser while on holiday. It has a perfect satin texture, which keeps skin feeling smooth and hydrated to help your foundation last.

Alongside primer is Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray which is designed with temperature control technologies to help your make-up endure heat for long periods of the day.

I am also including Urban Decay Smoky palette. Summer has just about left us, and this palette makes bolder eye looks really easy to create. It also has both neutral tones for a day look and dark tones to progress into night. The combination of both shimmers and mattes also creates a more versatile palette.


My favourite couple of clothing pieces that I have picked up for going on holiday are these Liquor N’ Poker shorts which are available on ASOS for £30, and this leopard print crop from H&M for £3.99, bargain!


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