Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

I’m sure for those that know me, this post will come as no surprise. But for those who don’t, let me introduce a fraction of my life.

For a little over a year now I have been with a wonderful human called Bradley, who lives 353 miles away from me in Cambridge. Perhaps not as far as some long distance relationships boast, but regardless it takes us 3 trains and 6 very lengthy hours to see each other. One of us living in Spain would be less hassle and less time consuming (from a travel perspective at least.)  And much like any other ldr couple, our most frequently asked question must be “how do you do it?” So I thought what better way to tackle the question than in a blog post? Afterall, if you ask me in person I will shrug off the question and tell you “I don’t know, I guess we are used to it.”

1. Keep in Contact

With conflicting schedules keeping in contact can prove difficult. I am at uni, and I work in retail while Brad is an assistant manager at a pub, so our free time is at completely different hours of the day. I always find it important that we put aside at least 5 minutes of our day to call each other, if we don’t we have probably been texting all day anyway (after all, we are 21st Century youth, isn’t that expected of us?) Try not to forget about your partner in the midst of your own hectic life, even the simplest of texts lets them know you are thinking of them.

2. Communicate

Like any relationship being open and honest with each other is key. Distance alone is enough to create insecurities, and it can be much easier to dwell on fantasy scenarios that you have made up in your head. Discuss any problems that you have, and put the trust in your partner that will bring any insecurities to rest.

3. Send things in the mail

Letters, gifts, surprises!
What an easy way to treat your partner!
Missing your partner? Remind them in a letter.
Feeling ill or lazy? Order each other some pizza!
And sending surprise gifts in the mail can never go a miss.

4. Do things Together

You don’t need to miss out on movie night when you can share a Netflix account! Finding things to do together can be a challenge when you are hundreds of miles apart, but everything is made easier using Skype. You can share pictures, play some games, even cook a meal together if you so wish. Excellent phone apps such as Couple exist which makes interacting with your partner so much easier. You can draw them a picture, make some lists together, and even thumb kiss! Long distance couples can go beyond just talking to each other.

5. Always have a visit Planned

Perhaps most importantly to me – have something to look forward to. It really does make everything easier. I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to occasionally snag a £30 return ticket to see their other half, but everybody can arrange the next time they will see each other. Just knowing that a date is agreed can be enough to put your mind at rest when you leave each other.

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