Every Day Racists

Racists who don’t even realise they are racists. Racists who you probably sit next to work, and wouldn’t even really call them racists. Is it because the Tories are in power and the media wants to support them that I feel like they are coming out of the wood works, or have they always been there and I am now only beginning to notice as I finalise my teenage years and begin to engage more with current events?

These are all questions that spring to mind as I watch the Calais migrant crisis unfold. There seems to be more and more tutting and head shaking every time it is mentioned. “Why are we taking them in?” Brits say while ignoring the war in Syria, and disregarding solid facts. According to UNHCR, by the end of 2014 less than one percent of our population had been made up by refugees. Are people losing their humanity? Or is media manipulation leading people to false ideas? Perhaps they go hand in hand.

As more people complain, the more it justifies Tory policy. And when we see articles such as this describing refugees as aliens and zombies, is it really any wonder that people are reluctant to let them enter their country? Does it still surprise you that Brits are reacting as if Calais is a horror?

The news is not treating refugees as human. Media bias is creating hatred. What we need is Britons tying the situations of war and refuge together as one and not seeing them as separate entities. We need to look at our aging population and lack of social housing and welcome a new work force.

Don’t let the BBC fool you.


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